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Ruffian | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

After enjoying Ruffian’s collection last season, I don’t know if I can say I’m a huge lover of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  While there were some great pieces coming down the runway, others looked a bit too playful. Taking their inspiration from their last vacation in Saratoga Springs which is popularly known for horse racing, the sporty collection portrayed a great deal of color blocking and lines, alike those found on the jersey of jockeys. The stars of the show became a plethora of bright colors, as they fused their ever-trimmed and tailored designs like turtleneck shirt-jackets, and slim fitting knee-length skirts with bright silk fabrics, ranging from green and yellow, to pink and blue. Their usual chic and strong silhouettes came with chiffon shirts, and dresses which didn’t appear that much within the show, but for summer they definitely got an A+ for their stunning swim suits. Although many (including me) may not have enjoyed the show as much because of its literal interpretation of ‘sportswear’, creativity has no limits. Once again, I congratulate the Ruffian boys on another season well done, and look forward to their collection next year.  Check out my few favorites, along with the entire collection below.

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Tommy Hilfiger | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Tommy Hilifger has always been at the top of my favorite fashion brands list. Why? Simply because the brand represents my classic/preppy style well, and also because it’s easily accessible in Barbados. From the moment the first model stepped on the runway today at Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring/Summer 2012 show, I began to swoon over the camouflage print, which was gorgeously plastered atop coats, biker jackets, shirts, hooded sweaters, cardigans, shorts, pants and shoes.  Continuing his longtime trend of all American prep, he released a spew of horizontal stripes, khakis and classic penny loafers. With stripes becoming a huge trend recently, it showed it’s face on Tommy Hilfiger blazers, shirts, and pants, along with what seemed to varsity hybrids that created a sporty college look, and brought that touch of youthfulness every collection needs. As usual, I was impressed, and also reminded why I love the label to the great extent which I do. All I have to say, is thanks to Mr. Hilfiger for yet another exceptional spring/summer collection which has his everlasting touch of innovation and creativity. Check out my favorite looks from the show, along with the entire collection below.

images courtesy | GQ

Nautica | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

It’s more than obvious for Nautica to do an exceptional job at a summer collection since their name represents the sea and all there of.  At New York Fashion Week today, the sportswear brand focused on class and brought to the table a collection filled with great variety, and easy day-to-night transitional looks. With a hint of color block and ever-present nautical patterns, they presented pieces like the classy double-breasted blazer, the denim shirt, playful polo shirts, windbreakers, trench coats, cool sunglasses, colorful tote bags, boat shoes, and let’s not forget their grand spew of board shorts, which were all worn by the beach ready models.  I’ve never been so excited for this label on it’s own, and I think that undoubtedly, this is one of their best collections to date. Check out my favorite looks from the show, along with the entire collection below.

images courtesy | GQ

Jason Wu | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

For Spring 2012, Jason Wu embraces the creative designs of artist Brian Donelly, aka KAWS and presents his ultra-chic designs over-layed by tons of great floral prints, patterns and textures. The visually stunning collection came down the runway today at New York Fashion Week and with a plethora of colors ranging from grey, rose-pink, lime green and blue, gorgeous feminine silhouettes took their place.  Dresses, blouses, high-waist shorts, ankle length pants, skirts and elegant gowns were all on display as poised models all with orange lips came sauntering down the thin white catwalk. Being as arty as can be, he incorporates a great deal of edgy accessories and great shoes, along with stunning laser-cut sequins. Perfection is always a word that comes to mind when thinking about Jason Wu’s collections, and his spring/summer 2012 collection does not fall short one bit of that title. Check out my favorites, along with the all the show photos below.


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Nicholas K | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Today, opening the runway at New York Fashion, Nicholas K’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection defined perfection! First off, the amazing color palette that was on display ranging from white to desert brown, grey then fused with green, in came the hues of blue and then black. To you I may be exaggerating, but I really like collections that provide exceptional functionality and the ability to take a layered look apart and still make it look good. With tons of draping silhouettes hitting the runway, patterned pieces came about with accessories like chic scarves, as well as tops and dresses, and whether it were the stunner heels or the classy lace-ups for men, the shoes were on par. There were glimpses of suede, tweed, leather and knit, but overall everything had a light feel to it for the hot summer weather, and the cool breeze that comes along with it.  Either the ripped dress, or the gorgeous deep blue sheet piece which came out last could have stolen the “piece of the show” award; however, with a load of amazing pieces at Nicholas K, it was quite hard to decide. Check out my favorites below, along with the entire collection.

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New York Fashion Week | The Introduction

The biggest event in the world of fashion has officially begun, and without a doubt, everyone is psyched and ready to have fun at the runway shows, and at Fashion’s Night Out!  Excuse my lack of posts for the last few days as well as in the near future (blame it on school), but I’m also working quite hard on other projects, and of course my new and revamped blog which should land in a week or two.  This morning I got to see the BCBG Max Azria live streamed show, and as always stunning pieces with great prints and architectural inspiration walked the runway. I can’t wait to post the full articles, but until then, I leave you with an exclusive look into Jason Wu’s fabulous collection which will be hitting the runway quite soon and is the ideal definition of  “Clean and Couture.”

Pulling on one of my favorite models Lindsey Wixson, who is a usual face for the label, Wu dons his ever-chic piece which screams feminine elegance and class at it’s best.  Soft in both color and texture, the shorts and top, which is tamed at the waist with a small leather belt and feature a bunch of sequins, both represent the next summer season well.

I am definitely looking forward to Christian Siriano, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenburg, and tons more, so stay tuned!


Zakaria Khiare | Soulland Spring/Summer 2012

Zakaria Khiare is slowly ascending my list of favorite male models. Reason being, he’s so flawless, and all his works thus far portray him to be one of those models who are effortless, yet stunning in all they do.  The Danish model who is currently signed with Ford New York and UNIQUE Denmark, stood in front of the camera of Nikolaj Møller recently, to shoot for Soulland’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Directed by Marco Pedrollo and styled by Sebastian Machado, the model appears in a great deal of essentials with Soulland’s ever-rich traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship.  Standing among the flowers in a rose garden, the layers, the shoes, the classic accessories including hats and round-framed sunglasses, go for a spin, along with the upcoming season’s biggest trend; patterned button-ups. As always, Soulland reinvent their touch of class in fusion with modern-day aesthetic bringing to us yet another great collection.

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