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Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 7)

It’s finally Thursday! In other words, the final day of fashion week. I am very excited, because the new blog is up for a probable launch tomorrow. It’s packed with new features and smooth navigation on another great modern and minimal design, so I really can’t wait to launch it and here your reviews.

Until then, we’re back with another great compilation of street shots from New York Fashion Week for you to enjoy. Among those spotted are Elle’s Accessories Editor Kyle Anderson, along with models Paolo Roldan, Sebastian Sauve and Travis Cannata.   See Photo Collection


Jeremy Scott | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Jeremy Scott never shies away from prints and patterns, and in preparation for next Spring/Summer season, there’s no change. Presenting a collection full of vintage and western inspiration, the effervescent designer shows us once more that he’s going for the kill.  The show opened with what looked like a ‘Denim Fever’ as models tromped down the runway wearing the likes of denim skirts, denim jumpsuits, and denim bra-tops. As for the men, a pair of denim shorts topped by a denim vest came down the runway, along with a fun pair of denim Dungarees.  Jeremy soon moved into his sleek selection of body hugging dresses, one boldly carrying an overall reoccurring pattern of the labels sunglasses collection.  Moving towards the sea and sand, a swimsuit came down the runway and instead of being covered in the usual print of flowers, there were cactus all over.  This along with fringed clothing made the western influence noticeable, and to make things a bit louder a model strutted down the runway wearing a belt which carried to gun pouches on each side.  As usual, the collection was filled with lots of skin and male models like Sebastian Sauve and Travis Cannata, seemed to be bearing it all.  Denim, fringe, leather, cactus and cow patterns, seemed to be enough to get Scott’s point across, and once again Jeremy Scott showed why youthful and fun collections are filled with creativity and style. I really loved the shoes by the way! 😀 Check out my favorite looks below, along with the entire collection.

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La Mode Top 5 | August 2011

As I write this very post, my eyes are about to close and I’m soon to enter the world of Sleep! I’m sorry for my lack of posts over the last couple of days, but it’s become a challenge to keep up with life, along with my blog this week because of my insane schedule.  Since it’s a new month, I decided to compile a list of the Top 5 articles for August.  September’s arrival makes me quite happy, since it allows me to realize that there are only 3 more months in this year, and also that my birthday is just next month. October 30th to be exact and since I’ll be 18, it marks a huge milestone in my life. No need to worry, I’ll be throwing a huge party for all to come. 😉 haha

1. Trend Report | Long Live The Chucks

2. Sebastian Sauvé : Model Profile

3. São Paulo Fashion Week Spring 2012 | Reserva

4. Those Blue Chinos…

5. Dudley O’Shaughnessy : Model Profile

Inked Hearts | Sebastian Sauve for La Mode Dimitri

It’s great knowing Top Models, and overtime becoming friends with them. On the other hand, it’s funny and stupid when people have to audacity to think that I’d tell a lie and say it’s someone, if it’s really not them.

Yesterday, some love from Sebastian Sauve showed up among my clutter of email and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. I’m sorry for the poor people who took their poor on Facebook, to comment saying that it was not him. What a shame! Enjoy!

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Sebastian Sauvé : Model Profile

After not doing a Model Profile interview in quite some time, I decided to get back to the drawing board, and target some of my favorite model friends, and top models in the industry.

Sebastian, along with his chiseled face and striking lips, has never failed to garner the attention of fashion enthusiasts, casting directors or agents, and with a great model history his rapid growth is definitely not being overlooked as he progresses in the industry. Standing at a height of 6’2″, he was born in Waterford, Michigan and at 22 years old, he’s most certainly off to a good start in his career.  Mainly represented by Premier London, Sebastian is also signed to Why Not in Milan, Major Model Management in Paris, VIVA in Berlin, IMM in Brussels, Soul Artist in New York, and is also ranked number 30 on’s Top 50 Male Models List. Luckily, I got a chance to chat with the amazing model, whom I now know to be incredibly funny, and uber-cool.

How did your modelling career begin?

This guy named Scott Pollicino, whom I met while staying in this youth hostel towards the end of my Central American travels just before starting University, asked if I ever thought I could be a model. I said that’s crazy talk, and only my mom thinks that. He said to me that he thinks I have a good chance and got me into a casting through some friends of his in NYC, with an agency in LA who I had to turn down because of University. But through their recommendation, I went to Premier in London one day and then it all began…

What would you be doing had you not been discovered?

I’d be a rich and successful business man with a pet monkey, big cars and a rollercoaster in my garden. 😀 Nah… I’d probably be Read the rest of this entry

[ Shot by Theocharis ]

Since I had so much photos from Dimitris’ collection, it was quite hard for me to choose what I wanted to post along with his interview. In fact, after making a decision on Sunday, I still wanted to include more and more of his stunning photos. Anyway, yesterday I simply said to myself that I’d post a ‘follow-up’ to my interview where they’d be less speech and more visual drama.  Since I’m  extremely hungry, 😀 I’m gonna go and let you guys enjoy more captivating shots from the lens of Dimitris Theocharis!

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