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DKNY | New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Summertime fabulous is the only term I can find to describe the hot designs that had the runway burning up today at Donna Karan’s Spring/Summer 2012 show. A substantial deal of color was the hype at today’s show, as all the models strutted down the concrete runway topped by wide-brimmed hats, for the extreme summer heat. The collection seemed to focus on sexy feminine looks, perfect for New York’s average woman on the go.  Opening the collection was a variety of minimal looks featuring neutral tones like black and navy blue, some in the shape of a blazer-dress which interestingly seemed fit for the professional along with some draping silhouettes free in their flow. After this, came the mega-surge of color and print. A pants suit completely covered in blue and red flowers, was accessorized with a bag, hat and stunner pumps all plastered with the same print and boasting loads of attitude. Lightening up a bit, Donna threw in some shorts, summer windbreakers, horizontally striped ensembles, then tweed suit for the perfect femme.  What seemed to be a mixture of animal prints covered the runway in green, transitioning to black, then to sheer looks in desert tones. Absolutely stunning! I’m sure that stylish women all of the world are ready to take this collection by storm. Check out my favorite looks from the show, as well as the entire collection below.

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La Mode Street Style

If you didn’t know, that I was basically stuck in the middle of tons of work and assignments for school, well now you know why I didn’t really blog this past week. But, nevertheless, I am certainly back and as fashionable as can be. Today I’ll present to you Street Style for this week, along with the latest action from the runways in Paris, plus coming up is our special Denim Trend Report featuring looks from tons of great style icons. I am really excited to be clicking publish this morning as I haven’t really had this feeling in a couple of days, and what better time to do it, than when we have officially crossed the 50,000 viewers since day 1 of July 2010. I will continually thank you guys for all your support and help through the last couple of months, for even helping through the toughest times of my life. But make sure you join us on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter to get live updates on all the happenings in my life and the industry of fashion.

The absolute chic, with the little red purse!

The all-time classic with a touch of youthfulness.

Nude tones, shorts, stockings and the ultimate blazer!

Layered looks always top the list…this touch of color is La Mode!


Shawl cardigans were meant to be…

Th flawless angelic being…I’m honestly in awe, especially with the appearance of the bow and bell sleeves, which honestly makes the dress what it is.

Why so Fly!?



Bring out the patterned fur, beads and bangles! 😉

We already know how Uber-Fly Dennis is…check out his full Style Icon Profile here.

This is my favorite today…get ready for summer, and bring out those wide-brimmed hats!

Jackets are without a doubt, the perfect topping for any outfit. Whether leather, denim or Fur!

Those stunner Jeffrey Campbell shoes…

Gimme that classic style anytime…and I’ll give you La Mode!

The over-sized Denim Jacket finished this…

This is why I love fashion…

Street Style!

Loafers, Blazer, Skinny Jeans and Patterned Shirt … Perfect style indeed!

Trend Report | Spring/Summer 2011 Essentials

What’s up guys!? I hope everyone is doing great, cause I surely am (Even though I am trying to control how horribly busy I am these days.) Nonetheless, after asking my Facebook friends what they thought my next Trend Report should be on I got tons of responses and really couldn’t decide which one to write about. But, after some reasoning, I decided to prep you for the upcoming Spring/Summer season and run you through trends that will be blowing up the fashion scene and some old ones that will be returning to dominate. So bundling all the ideas my awesome friends put together, I’ll be starting with Turbans, Headscarves and Sunglasses, then moving on to Tank Tops, Harem Pants and Shorts, and finally Sandals. All in all, I’ll be putting together an entire Summer look and blending the essentials for the stylish man and woman right here on La Mode Dimitri.

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Ralph Lauren | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Chic and classic are the only words that I can find that will really define the entirety of this amazing show. Ralph Lauren who is known for his classic and vintage inspired clothing presented his women’s wear Fall 2011 collection today in New York City. All black seemed to be the color of the moment with some red, and purple, among other colors popping in here and there. I loved the entire feel and sophistication of the show, including the extreme silhouette designs which took their form using fabrics like fur and leather.  Check out my favorites from the show and then all the show photos.

Indashio Collection | Fall 2011

Energy, fun, color, glitz and ‘glam’ were the elements that took force strongly in the Indashio Fall 2011 show. Known to be a fun designer, Indashio presented tons of party inspired looks for the hot gal and for the urban guy and when I asked Indashio what inspired his pieces last night, he simply said, “God, Gothic, Gaudy and Glamour.” Check out the looks below and don’t forget to comment, like and tweet!

Donald Carmichael wearing my favorite blazer from the collection.

Jeremy Scott | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYFW

Looks for the wanna-be super hero, for the fur lover and for lovers of God, but who doesn’t love a little Jeremy Scott. Jeremy Scott is on the ‘favorite designer’ list of many including me, and he devoutly believes that we should all have fun with fashion and it shouldn’t be like a church that we ‘pray’ to.  Opening up the show with an interestingly redesigned Coca Cola Tee saying ‘Enjoy God,’ the amazing designer brought another fun and great collection down the runway. Bursts of color was ‘Loud’ and from head to toe, models were clad in the most bright-colored outfits this season.  Evidently there was a strong 90’s influence and from the looks of it, the avid party goer was in full effect. Plastic and fur jackets, mini skirts and cropped dresses flooded the show and without a doubt I can see that this collection  is definitely up for a great year. I may get a couple of pieces for my great closet shift coming this year, but until them, check out my favorites and the entire show below.

Michael Kors | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYFW

Full of neutral tones, hot silhouettes, accessories and all together amazing looks, Michael Kors brought the collection in with a bang, as he celebrated his 30th anniversary. Fur, Leather and Suede stole the night away bring tons of luxuriously elegant and relaxed outerwear and casual looks. I have a few pieces from Michael Kors somewhere in my closet, including the wallet I use from a day-to-day basis, but I can see that I definitely will be getting some more this year, from this great collection. Check out my large batch of favorites and then the entire collection. I’m not feeling too well tonight and as a result this is the last post for today…See you guys in the morning at the Ralph Lauren show!

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