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Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 4)

Fashion Week in New York City is almost over, and although some of us hate the thought of it, many alike me who work in fashion are glad for the break.  I’m glad for your continual support towards me, and of course Adrian with my new Postcards column and I do hope you enjoy all that is to come. Yesterday was a great day, filled with fabulous shows like DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger’s Women’s collection. Thankfully Adrian got the chance to be out and about again, shooting exclusively for La Mode Dimitri and all our dear readers. Spotted once more was Anna Dello Russo, Bryan Boy and Nina Garcia, along with some more great faces in the industry, like Brad Goreski, models Melodie Monrose, Marihenny Rivera, Jonathan Marquez and Fernando Cabral.  See Photo Collection


Trend Report | Summer’s Bright Colors

What’s up guys!? I’m extremely glad to be posting this article which I wrote a couple of days ago, since I’ve been really busy and working hard on other projects plus getting prepped for my exams. I would be completely honest right now and tell you guys that I’m actually guilty of having a lack of color in my wardrobe, and for some reason I just happen to have a large selection of black & white, along with some reds, blues and neutral tones. However, with this summer swinging in, I’ll definitely be dropping by my favorite stores and shops to get some hyper colors, like green, electric blue and yellow etc. As this season has been slowly approaching, I’ve been seeing lots of my fellow bloggers, along with many fashion enthusiasts boasting tons of colorful outfits which may have consisted of some Jil Sander blue/pink-Sole lace ups, a beautiful pair of  Tod’s loafers, a glamorous pair of Prada Brogues or some colorful spring scarves from Hermes. In that list, apart from compiling my basic wish list for this season, I’ve given you a choose of some of the best color filled essentials that I love. Oh, and by the way H&M – which is indeed every fashionista’s favorite shop – has a huge selection of various colorful pieces, like cardigans, dresses,  chinos and cropped or tank tops. As they say, pictures are definitely worth a thousand words, so check out my findings from the street.

^Fellow Blogger, Bryan Boy wearing H&M Cardigan, Rag & Bone Jeans and Blue Tod’s Loafers ^

^ These Jil Sander lace ups surely know how to complete the perfect outfit. ^

Prada’s awesome brogues definitely make a statement, and with their female counterparts, no one can challenge the reinvented beauty of the brogue.

This interesting outfit worn by Anjelica includes a minimal pink scarf from Zara and a hot pair of Haus of Prices Mega Booties.

This stylish guy Adam, rocks a bright H&M Scarf over a colorful H&M Cardigan.

Another look from Anjelica shows her in an electric blue Zara Skirt, and the clutch and pumps from H&M.

A great touch of turquoise is shown on Zina as she sports incredible H&M patterned pants and a Ludic Top.

Bobby rocking a simple white outfit with a touch of amazing color, in his Turquoise Blazer.

This stunning shot, shows Zubaida wearing a yellow H&M dress along with blue Michael Antonio pumps.

This lime green Ralph Lauren shirt, topped off with an orange Burberry sweater makes another one of Filipo’s amazing outfits.

Neutral color jeans are evidently a thing of the past…so make sure you have your colored chinos, and jeans out this summer!

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