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Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 7)

It’s finally Thursday! In other words, the final day of fashion week. I am very excited, because the new blog is up for a probable launch tomorrow. It’s packed with new features and smooth navigation on another great modern and minimal design, so I really can’t wait to launch it and here your reviews.

Until then, we’re back with another great compilation of street shots from New York Fashion Week for you to enjoy. Among those spotted are Elle’s Accessories Editor Kyle Anderson, along with models Paolo Roldan, Sebastian Sauve and Travis Cannata.   See Photo Collection


Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 6)

Yesterday was probably my busiest day while New York Fashion Week is underway, hence the reason for my short stint of blog posts after much NYFW hype was garnered over the weekend and towards the beginning of the week.  Today I’m a bit free and decided to update you on some things which I thought were vital. As for my blog, the new and revamped blog looks great and I can’t wait until everything is finalized and ready for re-launch. Now taking a step back to the action at fashion week yesterday, our lens ‘dans la rue’ was at it again, and caught some amazing street style photos which can certainly not go unnoticed. See Photo Collection

Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 5)

So I’m really sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve had so much to do between yesterday and today that I’m on a tight schedule and reviewing runway shows is a bit of a strain.  Good news is, the new blog should be here by weekend, and for today, you’ll have some great street style images captured by Adrian’s lens, to feast your eyes on.  Apart from our ‘never-missed’ Anna duo, check out the collection to see shots of iconic photographer Terry Richardson, Purple Magazine Editor Olivier Zahm, along with the scene of Marc Jacobs by night!

See Photo Collection

Postcards from New York Fashion Week (Day 4)

Fashion Week in New York City is almost over, and although some of us hate the thought of it, many alike me who work in fashion are glad for the break.  I’m glad for your continual support towards me, and of course Adrian with my new Postcards column and I do hope you enjoy all that is to come. Yesterday was a great day, filled with fabulous shows like DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger’s Women’s collection. Thankfully Adrian got the chance to be out and about again, shooting exclusively for La Mode Dimitri and all our dear readers. Spotted once more was Anna Dello Russo, Bryan Boy and Nina Garcia, along with some more great faces in the industry, like Brad Goreski, models Melodie Monrose, Marihenny Rivera, Jonathan Marquez and Fernando Cabral.  See Photo Collection

La Mode Street Style

I’m sure you guys are excited that it’s finally weekend right!? I’m relieved! I decided to bring another great edition of La Mode Street Style for you guys to get some style ideas and inspiration for the weekend and the week ahead.  On another note, I finally registered for my classes at Uni, and now I’m preparing my wardrobe. 🙂 Have a great day guys!

Frida and her hot outfit. Great fusion on chic ruffles and edgy boots & shorts

I adore Bobby’s over-sized sweater as well as his bag and hair

Annabelle rocks stunner heels with straps, and a studded purse.

Gary’s look is incredibly European-esque, I love the print tee.

Anjelica from Germany pulls off her effortless style with a gingham shirt, shorts and stunner platforms

Denim Vests are must have pieces.

Ruby is putting out a Hot mixture of prints!

Viroth and his amazing Varsity Jacket, such cool style.

Shan steps out in a cute look with chic and classic inspiration.

I love Mohcine’s casual look with a military inspired palette

La Mode Street Style

What’s up guys!? Back again with another edition of La Mode Street Style for you to take your journey around the world to see the stylish looks of my friends and fellow lookbookers. I’m actually quite glad that I took the picture limit down to ten, since it’s much easier to create the article, and it takes less time to compile all my images. I have been incredibly busy this week, and I’m sure that will be my saying for weeks to come but it’s definitely for the best, so no need to worry. Hopefully you guys enjoy this edition, and don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments, Like the post or even share it on Twitter. Until next post… xo!

A scarf in the summer is very ideal. They are uber-chic, and Adam and his red chino pulls it off well.

I. am. speechless – Kasia has an incredible look and on top of that, her effortless lace get-up proves to be the ultimate summer look. I also love  her choice of accessories, including the vintage round frame sunglasses. 

Denim on Denim! Well done McKenneth.

Fanny is certainly one hot mama. Here she pulls off a chic print dress with a purse and her stunner Jeffrey Campbell heels.

Whoever said we can’t wear black in the summer are completely wrong!  Blake and his flawless all-black summer look is definitely one not to miss. 

Cute as always, Aimee mixes prints, patterns and colors, to pull off the ultimate summer look. 

I have loved Andreas for so long, and I’ve been an avid reader of his blog. This denim suit is beyond-amazing. 

Morven and her short shorts! 

Gabriel always seems effortless in style, and this pattern combination of horizontal stripes and plaid is lovely.

The round-frame sunglasses, the color-washed oversize shirt, the mesh tank top, the short shorts and finally cow-girl boots.  Bethany, what a look… Bravo!

La Mode Street Style

What a great day I had yesterday! Although I had loads of work, it was really productivity and I had fun. I’m always inspired by the fact that I have another opportunity to wake up, and today’s no different. I’m here again with another series of street style (this time moving down to 10 photos) showing you some great style pictures from my friends, and my fellow Lookbookers. At this point, I don’t take Lookbook very seriously but I’m always inspired by seeing the diversity of many of my friends. My blog is definitely set to become more personal while keeping its current flow of editorial, street style and runway, but as you know, everything will come in the right time. 😉

Dapper Lou never makes a mistake in putting together a great look. Zara paisley shirt, here I come!

With a hot wide-brimmed hat for the summer sun and Read the rest of this entry

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