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Created with creativity and a goal to inspire in mind, La Mode Dimitri is simply a fashion blog geared towards providing fashion news and exclusive content to its readers. Founded by Barrio Dimitri who is a French Language student and fashion journalist, the blog brings to you the personal life of Barrio, as well as Street Style and the latest in editorial and runway.  With this blog as a success tool for Barrio, he desires to become a great and influential icon for many to follow, and most importantly an open-minded and God-fearing man. Fashion and Style are in his opinion incredible elements with which we have been blessed, and now utilize as a universal language to express oneself and depict who we are. With love and peace straight from the Island of Barbados, keep it locked and Get Overdosed on Fashion!



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  1. Samantha Greaves

    Barri, i think the page is totally cool kid…..we gotta go to NY together sometime, ok?

  2. Thank You Samantha lol 🙂

  3. Same to you! Thank you for viewing my blog!

  4. where is some of the other stuff from the older pages I miss em!


  6. Thank You dear!! 🙂

  7. Congrats, Son! You are just a treasure trove of surprises!

  8. Thanks a lot!! I know…I gotta use all my talents right! lol 🙂

  9. well done.. i will follow you

  10. Thank You for Visiting! 🙂

  11. 😀 Hii…amaizing page

  12. Thank You! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  13. umm… so i think i love you? 🙂 one look and i was swept away. you’re awesome! keep it coming!

  14. Thank You A Million Sana! 🙂

  15. Привет, БАРРИО!!!

  16. AzzizzaCCarter

    Page Rocks !!! ❤ I Lovee it …I Gueess The Dream Yu Had Of Owning A Fashion Design Company Is Comingg 😀 …Dont Forget The Organizational Structure We Have LOL ❤

  17. Jamal Slocombe

    J’adore votre blog Barrio … à mon avis c’est le meilleur jour que j’ai vu.

    yes my french is improving….I love your blog Barrio…in my opinion this is the best update I saw.

  18. Thank You Jamal! And I understood what you said, since I study French at UWI. However ‘Jour’ means day…

  19. Page Is Awesome !! iiLoveit ! (L)

  20. Barrio whoa… Nice blog dude, my name’s Sid and i do have a photography blog…
    i love your pic they’re awesome……

  21. Thank You so much Sidney! 🙂 What’s your blog link?

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