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Sebastian Sauvé : Model Profile

After not doing a Model Profile interview in quite some time, I decided to get back to the drawing board, and target some of my favorite model friends, and top models in the industry.

Sebastian, along with his chiseled face and striking lips, has never failed to garner the attention of fashion enthusiasts, casting directors or agents, and with a great model history his rapid growth is definitely not being overlooked as he progresses in the industry. Standing at a height of 6’2″, he was born in Waterford, Michigan and at 22 years old, he’s most certainly off to a good start in his career.  Mainly represented by Premier London, Sebastian is also signed to Why Not in Milan, Major Model Management in Paris, VIVA in Berlin, IMM in Brussels, Soul Artist in New York, and is also ranked number 30 on’s Top 50 Male Models List. Luckily, I got a chance to chat with the amazing model, whom I now know to be incredibly funny, and uber-cool.

How did your modelling career begin?

This guy named Scott Pollicino, whom I met while staying in this youth hostel towards the end of my Central American travels just before starting University, asked if I ever thought I could be a model. I said that’s crazy talk, and only my mom thinks that. He said to me that he thinks I have a good chance and got me into a casting through some friends of his in NYC, with an agency in LA who I had to turn down because of University. But through their recommendation, I went to Premier in London one day and then it all began…

What would you be doing had you not been discovered?

I’d be a rich and successful business man with a pet monkey, big cars and a rollercoaster in my garden. 😀 Nah… I’d probably be mid-internship post University and struggling to get a job I like.

Apart from modelling, which probably keeps you busy most of the time, what else do you enjoy?

Sleeping, eating, watching TV, hangin’, laughing, dancing, playing Hacky Sack, traveling, seeing places, meeting people, and also working on some side projects.

Can you tell me what the average day in your life is like?

All of the above. Even though I haven’t been traveling outside of work for a while. I’m mostly trying to relax this summer. When I’m between seasons.

What do you think is your best quality?

My willingness and enthusiasm.

How do you maintain your ‘model’ look?

No idea. By not trying too hard I guess. 😉

Is there anything you do in preparation for a big shoot?

I try to go to bed on time. This can be difficult. There’s really not much preparation you can do. I like to get familiar with the brand I’m shooting for though.

Do you think there are any advantages to your job?

Loads! Silly question. (Lol) Not only is it great and fruitful but I get to meet a lot of important and connected people. Make connections in any and every area of this and other industries. Establish endless resources and status which with a buy of skill and practice, I could make anything I want out of. The possibilities and endless now that I’m well and in fashion I can do anything I want in the industry from photography to Pr to acting to djing with a reputable name already over my head. Think about it. It’s the best Benefit there is

What about the disadvantages, are there any?

It’s exhausting at times. Transport can be a bitch, in particular waiting for planes and trains that take hours when it’s cold gets old fast.

What one photographer, and one model do you dream of working with?

Steven Klein and Giselle Bündchen

What is, or has been your biggest personal goal?

In life or modeling.


Well in modeling, to win. Become one of the best in each area. The day I do a fragrance, is the day I’ve won big. On the other hand, in life I’d love to do everything at least once. Well, at least everything fun :D.

What is one thing you’d love to do before you die?

Train monkeys to ride dogs and have races. To do a back-flip and fire someone Oh and to build a never ending water slide!

I’m sure you get the reason why I said that this was indeed one fun interview, I absolutely burst into laughter when I got the reply for my last question. Anyway, we all look forward to more amazing work from Sebastian and I hope you enjoy his photo-strip below. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, as well as on Tumblr.


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