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All Work, No Play?

I’ve been working way to hard this week to not take a break. Being stuck in an office for most of the week, I’ve finished all my designs for Freedom 5 and the team is off to New York this weekend. Although I still have a couple of magazine articles to complete, I’m sure a little time off will allow me to think, clear my head and re-focus. With that said, I’m thinking about being gone for a few days, to take a step back, maybe chill with some friends and have some fun over this long weekend.  When I return there’s hope for a big surprise, along with more great articles to come. To be honest, I am not as comfortable as I was before with the look of my blog, and I can’t wait until my team and I have made a final decision on the upcoming changes and hopefully the switch to  Everything has to be on its way up, my writing skills must improve, along with the way my blog looks and feels.  As we progress, I really want to thank all of you who have been here with me from the beginning up until now, and even those who may have recently caught up with my blog. I’m pretty much glad to be alive today, so have a fantastic Friday and see you around! 😉 xo


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  1. Heart the black and white pics!

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