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Trend Report | Denim on Denim

I’m sure we all remember our parents saying to us never pair different patterns with each other or sometimes even the same ones. But upon entering the fashion industry, I soon realized that there are absolutely no rules as it relates to pairing fabrics, however, you’ve got to make it look good. Denim jackets are an insanely huge hit this season, and with my Denim jacket trend report still topping the charts I know people are still longing to get a glimpse of the amazing denim looks pulled off by many. In moving on from that place, it’s time to talk about how you can take that very Denim Jacket, or even a denim shirt and pair it with your favorite jeans or shorts. Denim on denim is one of those combinations which usually turn off the “look good” appeal when people think about it because its something which people generally don’t do. However, regardless of this, it’s becoming a huge trend around the world this very moment, after making it’s debut on the runway seasons past. The fundamental secret in pulling off this amazing look, is to pair two different denim washes together in order to have variety and balance. Although a few people have paired the same wash together and pulled it off (that being a combination of dark washes) it’s much safer and smarter to pair a dark and slightly lighter wash together. For example, you could pair a light-wash denim shirt, with a medium wash pair of skinny jeans, and poof, you’ve got a great look. Now be careful, denim on denim is probably one of the hardest most tricky trends there are right now,  but if it’s done properly, it’s without a doubt uber-cool.

D&G Spring 2010

Chloé Spring 2010 | D&G Spring 2010


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  2. Of all the trends I just love denim-on-denim!

  3. t’s fun to play around with!

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