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I Want a Dog

I have considered this before, but now more than ever I’m considering getting a dog sometime after I turn 18 in October. The thing is, I love small dogs and I’ve grown up around a few back in the day, along with that, so much of my fellow bloggers have them. The only dog I’d ever think about getting would be a “Corgi.” Why? Because they’re smart, small, cute and adorable. Lol It would provide me the opportunity to have a great little friend and a fashion accessory that runs around barking. :p


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  1. You have got to get one, you’ll LOVE it. I have a shih tzu, who is my girl. She gets me! Of course, you have to make sure that you have time for them. They have their ways of letting you know that they need your attention. Food, shelter and affection, the simplest mammals on the planet. We could learn a lot from them!

  2. Aww, that’s sweet!

    I am definitely considering it, so of course you guys will know when I get it! 🙂

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