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Behind the Lens | David Urbanke

As soon as the week passed, I simply said onto the next one and readied myself to unleash another exclusive interview with one of fashion’s amazing photographers. (Of my generation of course) I was elated when David agreed to do this interview, simply because he and I are around the same age, and I get excited about people who have the same enthusiasm about success and reaching their goals like I do.  With a mind made up and a great future ahead, David and his Canon 5D Mark II has never failed to capture a great moment in the life of his fashion career.  Shooting with various models and agencies, David has been the boy behind the camera for many editorial spreads and features. Seemingly having a love for black & white photography, he never fails to amass all the emotion within his subject, and whether boy or girl, his sense of youthfulness always shines through.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 16 years old and from Berekley Heights, New Jersey but I moved into New York City in the beginning of June.

We all know how great New York City is, but is there anything you prefer New Jersey for?

Sometimes its nice to escape to New Jersey because I live near the woods, New York has central park but it’s just not the same.

Walk me through the process which went from being a normal teenager in High School, to becoming an internationally recognized photographer?

I started by taking photos of my friends from school and having them pose as subjects for me, and then I met a model named Beata Grabowska who thought it was cool that I was 15 and she liked my work so she offered to shoot with me. After this she introduced me to a photographer who explained how the industry works and how I can start off with modeling agencies and building a portfolio. I quickly realized fashion photography is my passion.

What made you want to go into ‘fashion photography’?

Mostly the models. For me it’s not really about the clothes, but I am so inspired by an interesting face and this industry has so many amazing subjects available to shoot. I also love how an entire team can work together to come up with a creative concept and produce something magical!

Who are your favorite fashion photographers, and why?

I truly love David Armstrong and Camilla Akrans. They capture such beauty and always have such strong signatures in their work.

So, do any of these photographers inspire your work?

Absolutely. I respect both so much but they are also my favorites because of how much I love their styles.

And what about your style, how do you define your style of photography?

Minimal, simple, distinct

Do you see it changing in the future?

I’m sure, I’ve been doing this for only about a year and my work is still progressing. We’ll have to see what comes along the road!

Can you remember your first photograph?

To be honest I can’t, I was too young! (Lol)

What agencies have you been working with?

Ford, Elite, Next, Request, Red, Fusion, Major, Wilhelmina,Trump, and just about to start with some new ones as well.

What do you consider you biggest personal achievement to date?

Slowly becoming more and more confident in myself. It’s not something I have completely achieved, but I feel with every shoot I do I’m getting closer which is really satisfying.

On the other hand, what’s the biggest thing you dream of achieving?

Shooting for Vogue Italia someday would sure be nice 😉

And what model or celebrity would you want to shoot?

Lindsey Wixson for sure. So inspired by her.

I’m sure that all my readers, including myself are inspired by you! Guys, make sure you check out David’s photo-strip below, including his Website and Blog, as well as to follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.


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