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(capsule) NY Men’s | Spring/Summer 2011

An event which has been renowned for it’s amazing showcase, Capsule is an expo which brings together the best high-end contemporary brands every year, to one place in New York City.  Thanks to my friend Jace, the Grungy Gentleman, I was able to experience the amazing product offerings first hand, and have compiled my favorite product images right here for you guys. Believeing that the beauty is in the mix, there is nothing quite like the Capsule Show, which displays everything from high to low, bold to subtle and impulsive to thoughtful. Running from the 17th of July and ending yesterday, labels like Billy ReidBurkman BrosClaeCreative RecreationFlorsheim by Duckie BrownFreshjive, Mark McNairy New AmsterdamNaked & Famous DenimOur Legacy, Ovadia & Sons, Penfield, Perfecto Brand by Schott NYCRiviera ClubRogan, Saint JamesShades of Grey by Micah CohenSperry Top-Sider, SpiewakTopmanTwoThirdsVanishing Elephant and Wood Wood were among the names appearing at the grand show. Check out my favorites from the show below. 

Burkman Brothers are certainly doing a great job with both their eccentric printed clothing and the famous bracelet. (Definitely on my want-list)

Overtime I’ve become a fan of the Chukka style shoe, and Clae proves to me why I need a pair. I Love!

Creative Recreation is certainly making their way well into the classic vein of shoe styles, firstly with these amazingly color-sole sneakers as well as with the versions below. 

This shirt from Freshjive has me going nuts! I simply adore the animal print here.

Mark McNairy Shoes are simply amazing! No words…

I love this patch work paisley print shirt from Our Legacy.

Double-breasted blazers from Ovadia & Son… Simply amazing!

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of red chinos and this pair from Penfeild Pants is nothing less than stunning!

We all know how good Sperry Top-Sider is with their boat shoe designs, which I can’t help but fall in love with. (Especially that ‘out of focus’ camouflage version)

Patterns from Wood Wood. I love this shirt!! 


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  1. I love the animal print shoes.

  2. Yup, Mark McNairy Shoes are classic! I love em’ all.

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