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A Man’s Guide to Bags

Accessories are undoubtedly one of the biggest aspects of the fashion industry and one should never go wrong when selecting the perfect luxury accessory or over-obsessed item. Bags themselves have been a huge fashion obsession throughout the years appearing on nearly every runway and being the star accessory in major campaigns and collections. If you don’t know me, then you should observe my huge love for fashion accessories, (which only recently grew) especially sunglasses and in addition, bags. More often than not, we as men carry a lot of stuff around and a backpack may not necessarily be the most stylish way to do so. Stylish duffel bags, totes and briefcases are great accessories as they can be worn with pretty much anything, considering one may look a little odd wearing a blazer with a backpack. They suit not only most clothing but most occasions and could be worn to an ever-fabulous runway show or to a simple day at the beach. I strongly believe that for men, finding the ideal “carrying pack” is important and especially for the business or fashion savvy man, having that quintessential luggage piece is a huge must!

I’ve realized that many men have a huge problem in firstly determining what bag is perfect for them, and then secondly determining if the bag is masculine enough. We all know how many are stuck in a closed-minded mentality and may sneer or comment as to whether bags in general are for men. Gladly however, as our society becomes more open-minded towards fashion, man-bags are becoming a huge essential. Whether it be Hermes, Topman, Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton I am readily satisfied with a good bag.

The duffel bag which is my longtime favorite, is a large cylindrical bag made from various fabrics, usually with a long shoulder strap, two handles and topped with a zip. They have over a period of time become my obsession, since they hold all my junk and in my opinion, out of all bag styles they look the most fashionable. The name Duffel comes from a town in Belgium where the cloth used to make the first set of duffel bags originated. More recently, a duffel bag typically refers to the specific style of bag, but the phrase is generally used to refer to any large generic holdall or a bag made of thick fabric. They are often used to carry luggage or sports equipment, and also tag along with people who generally have a busy travel schedule. A huge debate has often arose as to whether this style of bag is fit for females or males. Although I see it more as a male bag, many may have their doubts, but let’s get this straight, it’s definitely a unisex bag and whether rocked by a female or male,, it works just as good.

The briefcase which is probably the oldest style of manly accessories, comes in three types: the portfolio, the folio case and the attaché case. The portfolio is characterized by having a handle-less case and is carried under the arm or in the hand. The folio on the other hand, is a case which has a retractable handle, and thirdly, the attaché case being the most notable, has a box like shape and is often made of leather or aluminium. It carries a handle, and opens to reveal two compartments. For the traditional business man, all these briefcases can be a great option as they possess a feel of professionalism, and are also iconic and stylish.

Finally, a tote bag is large and open, with handles centered atop each side of the bag. The use of the term tote with basically means “to carry,” can be traced back to the 17th century; however, it was only until the 1900, that it was used to describe a type of bag. The archetypal tote is of sturdy cloth, perhaps with thick leather at handles or bottom; all-leather versions often have a ‘pebbled’ surface. Common fabrics include heavy canvas, often dyed, perhaps treated to resist moisture and mold. I honestly think that this has been the hardest style of bag, to be accepted among males. Up to this day, only a few men – mostly stylish men – are only seen rocking these bags. Nonetheless, I assure you that this type of bag looks amazing when worn with a great outfit, and gives an extremely classic touch to a look.

[ Top Left to Bottom Right: Bottega Veneta Fall 2011, Gucci Fall 2011, D&G Spring 2011, Burberry Spring 2012, Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 and Trussardi 1911 Spring 2012 ]


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  1. I do love a good man bag! Thanks for the post… good stuff! 🙂

  2. Indeed, the perfect accessory to every man’s outfit!

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