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Behind the Lens | Dimitris Theocharis

So I’ve finally decided to launch the new column on my blog, which comes after much work and anticipation. I was pretty excited for it, and with the first series out, I can’t wait for you guys to see all that’s in store. For quite some time now, this incredible man has made his way on to my short list of favorite fashion photographers, and gladly, I had the opportunity to get to know him a bit more. With photography that in my opinion inspires many with his creative approach, I’ve grown to appreciate all the hard work that he puts in, to achieve results which are beyond amazing! One thing I’ve realized over the last few months is that more and more people are entering the world of photography, in search of success, and some aren’t putting in effort at all. Nonetheless, (like someone at an editorial meeting said yesterday) “one can definitely separate the sheep from the goats.”  With his Hasselblat H3D 39, Dimitris has captured the covers of many magazines, editorial spreads with some of fashion’s biggest models and has been a Tumblr phenomenon.  Having photographed some of my favorite models including Rob Evans, Marlon Teixeira, Tony Ward, Baptiste Giabiconi and Leebo Freeman, he has made more than a name for himself within the fashion industry, and whether in New York, Paris or back home in London, he’s always keeping us on the edge with his stunning photography.

So Dimitris, how old are you and where are you from?

I am 33, and was born in San Jose, California, but was brought up in Chalkis, Greece. In 1995 I then moved to England to study and I’ve stayed here since. Where am I from? The truth is that I feel equally at home in London, where I work from, California, where I have many friends and family, and in my spiritual home, Greece, where the light and the food are unbeatable.

Sweet! When did your individual interests in fashion, and photography spark?

I developed a passion for the visual arts and more specifically drawing and painting whilst I was still at school in Greece. Whilst still a teenager I created my first studio in the basement of my family home and I would spend never ending hours attempting to understand colour and form. Most of my work drew inspiration from fashion photographs or black and white portraits of famous people (some things never change). I soon developed an approach that was a combination of figurative, abstract and surreal styles. After couple of attempts to study something sensible (engineering!)… I gathered enough courage and conviction to convince my parents and the tutors of Northumbria University to allow me to transfer study Fine Art and sculpture. I eventually moved to London to study photography where others who were exceptionally talented, loved fashion and international in their outlook surrounded me.

I found London hard (I had to take on two jobs support myself) but exhilarating, studio 6 and darkroom 23 of the University of Westminster became extensions of my home. Drawing on my background in fine art, I adopted a conceptual approach to photography and spent endless hours researching and experimenting in order to achieve perfection and to push established boundaries.

In my opinion, you’re beyond incredible at what you do. (lol) But is there a secret to your continual success?

The fact that I love my job, fashion and the people in it, and I’m never afraid to push creative boundaries has definitely helped me. Hard work gets you half way there but any fashion photographer must have vision and the ability to bring out the best in their subject.

Can you define your style of photography?

My “style” is sometimes described as “surreal,” “unique,” and, “colorful”, it’s up to others to judge me but hopefully it is never boring! (Lol) My training in fine art has clearly influenced me and the works of great artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Joan Miro continue to provide me with inspiration. I try to use my work to challenge the ‘norms’ of fashion, cultural conditioning, stereotypes, mortality and the significance of the individual within society.

Apart from the names you called, what generally inspires you personally, and also, what else inspires your photographic work?

Art, beauty, the human form and the need to debunk myths!

Okay, so of all your work, can you name one you enjoyed most?

My first New York fashion week was an experience which will be hard to forget….shooting for the talented Philip Stephens of Unconditional on the top of a skyscraper hotel….brilliant!

What’s the biggest dream that you have yet to achieve?

To photograph Kate Moss on location at the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Bassae, Greece. Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, music, poetry, the arts and more, I can’t think of a better place to photograph Kate!

Sounds great! I’d definitely love to see that! Now is there one that you had, and you’ve already achieved it?

I am living my dream; I am blessed to be able to do this job and to work with such fabulous talented and beautiful people.

Who’s your favorite model to work with and why?

I don’t have favorites as such .Tony Ward was a great and fun guy to work with…. down to earth, hard working understated and very charismatic. As for the new generation, I love Sebastian Sauvé, Marlon Teixeira and Leebo Freeman as they are all bright, creative and energetic and have brilliant energy. As for women, Georgia Frost is the most wonderful model to shoot; she is talented, versatile and so beautiful.

I also loved shooting Orlando Bloom, my favorite celebrity model, and hanging out in his dressing room at the Duke of York’s Theatre when he was staring in the play “in Celebration”…he is a great guy, talented, friendly, no attitude and generous (he invited me to his last performance where I found myself sitting beside Kylie and Natalie Imbruglia).

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring fashion photographers out there?

My advice to aspiring photographers is to keep your head high and don’t be afraid of hard work or making the most of your uniqueness… because that’s your ticket!

Great words, from a great guy! Check out my photo-strip with some of Dimitris’ photographic works.

Make sure you guys check out Dimitris’ Website, his Twitter and his Tumblr blog.


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  1. Brilliant Work Bravo Dimitris!

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