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Christian Dior Haute Couture | Paris Fall 2011 Couture

After seeing this collection, which is being classed as confusing and horrible by most voices in the fashion world, I can surely say that Dior is in need of John Galliano badly!  I can’t say straight up that it was a bad collection, because some interesting elements such as the architectural inspiration definitely worked in a futuristic sense. However, where styling is concerned, the layers were piled in such a comical and displeasing manner. Nevertheless… let’s get down to my review.

Filled with pastel colors, whimsical and mosaic patterns, architectural inspiration, shapes and both edgy and girly designs, fashion house Christian Dior, currently headed by Susanna Venegas and Bill Gaytten, presented some confusing haute couture today in Paris. Seemingly inspired by clowns, (lol) the makeup was as always bold, and the clothes and shoes were filled with lots of color, patterns and shapes. Organza along shiny, shimmery fabrics all sauntered down the runway made into the over-exaggerated pieces. Check out my favorite (if any) pieces below, and then take a look at the entire collection.

Although the final piece worn by Karlie Kloss was my favorite gown of the show, the accessory which was worn around her neck solidified the clownish factor in the show.

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  1. wow at this collection! well inspiring 🙂

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