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Whether he’s in his Singer22 office as the Men’s Fashion Director making sure that the collections are organized and that clients are perfectly taken care of, or he’s at home sitting in front of  his computer blogging as the face behind The Grungy Gentleman, Jace Lipstein is always on the move and has quickly become one of my biggest style influences and style icons. During a lengthy conversation on the phone with Jace, I got to know lots more about the Grungy Gent, along with his take on the just-passed menswear shows in Milan and Paris, and also an insight into the long list of designer collaborations that he has been working on. At the age of 26, although many would define this blogger extraordinaire as merely a blogger,  Jace sees himself as simply a fan of fashion. He added that he’s a fan of all his peers, like Jim Nelson, Michael Hainey and Jim Moore from GQ, Paul Avarali and Eugene Tong from Details, stylist Brad Goreski and Nick Wooster from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.  He describes his relationship with them as one of his biggest achievements in life along with his job at Singer22, and being shot -with a camera of course- by renowned street style photographer Tommy Ton.

Even though he believes there’s just too much talent in the world of design, Jace’s list of favorite designers include labels like Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr and Michael Bastian, just to name a few. The menswear Spring/Summer 2012 collections that caught his eye included Dries Van Noten, Missoni, Iceberg and one of his longtime favorites, Trussardi 1911.  Apart from this, he himself is quite an established designer, and has been working with names like Dickies, Kiel James Patrick and J Shoes, and is especially excited for upcoming pieces for Del Toro, Carlos Campos and Olasul.

Constantly reiterating the fact that staples are important, Jace’s ideal summer outfit would consist of accessories like bracelets, a favorite combination of a long sleeve blazer and shorts, and his ever-preppy boat shoes which together create a great relaxed look. Retaining a sense of class, he believes that every man should own a good trench coat, a good blazer and a good pair of shoes, whether they be boat shoes for summer, or a pair of winter brogues.

Moving on to another one of my questions, which was what was his favorite magazine, I could have guessed what his answer would have been. Jace believes without a doubt that GQ is the pinnacle of menswear and fashion journalism, and he admittedly stated that he’s taken most of his fashion knowledge from GQ magazine. He pretty much enjoys reading their issues, especially with such a great iPad application at the tip of his fingers.

My personal favorite from Jace’s list of collaborations would have to be the Andrew Boot, which he designed with J Shoes. Photo’d above, it gives an incredibly rugged, yet classic appeal and works perfectly with any outfit. After ending our call, I pretty much was caught in the moment, rethinking the fact that I just spoke to another one of the influential people in ‘my’ world of fashion; nevertheless, I am incredibly glad that I had to opportunity to speak to, and now garner a friendship with, the Grungy Gent himself.  Check out Jace’s photos below, and also make sure you stop by his Blog or his Twitter, to see what’s happening on his side of the world.


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