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I Love, I Want, I Need | Milan Menswear Spring/Summer 2012

After seeing some of the most amazing collections in Milan over the last four days, I decided to give you guys a look into what I want and need to buy for next Spring. I really felt as though many of the collections were beckoning me to become even more versatile, and as time progresses I think that’s definitely what will happen to my style. This season in Milan we saw loads of amazing patterns, double-breasted blazers, chinos, baggy trousers, great accessories and swimwear. I am most certainly ready to get in the mood for Paris and can’t wait for Mugler to present their long-awaited collection. Two things I forgot to fit in were the Dolce & Gabbana Jumpsuit which I am in deep love with, and also one of the netted blazers from that very collection.


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  1. Number 6 is very stylish

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