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New ‘Sunnies’ for Summer!

Phew! I just got back home after a long day out shopping, and as always it was fun! Earlier this week, I popped into the Sunglass Hut in the city to check out what my next sunglass buy would be, I tried on almost everything, from Prada to D&G, and the list goes on. Finally, sitting in the corner of the store shelf, I laid my eyes upon the Ray-Ban Clubmasters, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off. I’ve been dreaming about them all week since I left them in the store, but I finally got back today and I got the last pair. “The Clubmaster continues to redefine retro with its simple and straightforward design, instantly making itself the official sponsor of culture.” I just love my new sunglasses! Apart from them, I picked up a bag from Armani, and some clothes from a local designer. 🙂

(Click the image to shop the sunglasses.)

Over the weekend, I’ll make sure to snap some fabulous shots with me wearing them.

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