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São Paulo Fashion Week Spring 2012 | Cavalera

Large, youthful and festive were all the themes blowing out at me, as the third day of  São Paulo Fashion Week began with the Cavalera show.  With their usual fusion of fashion and music, pieces ranged from futuristic yet stylish superhero masks nodding to the Traditional Mexican Fighter, to lovely colored skirts and jackets. Mexican artist Frida Khalo motivates Cavalera in portraying “The day of the Dead.” Influenced by a vibrant color palette, this was a collection that was distinct and vibrant in Sao Paulo. No matter what walked the ‘runway’, they all screamed summer with a blast of culture and style. As fashion enthusiasts and media personnel lined the street, female and male models strutted pass them wearing the exaggerated collection. This is definitely one of the most creative shows I’ve ever seen, and being the first São Paulo Fashion Week that I’m covering, Cavalera as a brand will not be forgotten. Check out my few favorites, then the show photos below.

images courtesy | fashion forward brazil

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  1. You totally missed the Mexican influence in the show…tsk tsk. Frida ring a bell anywhere?

  2. You are totally right! 🙂 The thing is, today I was so busy, I honestly just wanted to get the post up and then work on other stuff. But your eye for inspiration is incredible. Thank you for visiting and commenting. 😉

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