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São Paulo Fashion Week Spring 2012 | Reserva

The last show for the first day of São Paulo Fashion Week, was none other than the amazing menswear designs of Reserva. Described by fantastic and beautiful by my eyes on the inside, the show was opened and closed by my very own favorite from Brazil, Marlon Teixeira. From the looks of it, a summer in Cuba was a huge influence, as many cigars and bold prints flooded the show, as well as cool leather sandals which clad the feet of the male models. Without a doubt in my mind, this is my favorite show thus far, obviously because it was a menswear show, but more so because of its great deal of versatility and essential summer pieces. Linen was probably the most used fabric throughout all the looks, but also featured were twill and denim.  White literally washed the collection and I absolutely loved the baggy pants going along with colored jackets and cool tees. Check out my favorite looks along with all the collection photos below.

images courtesy | fashion forward brazil

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