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Trend Report | Retro Urban Style!

I'm wearing Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket, Civil Society Jeans, Polo by Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots

At this time, we can’t really ignore the fact that styles from the 60’s and 80’s are on a hype in our era, and are returning with modern reinventions to them.  We also can’t stay behind and become fashionably isolated just because these vintage styles are not apart of our customs. In being versatile and confident, which are two of the biggest factors in being stylish, we can’t become immobile. Instead, we must continual thrive and grow,changing up things here and there. One thing I’ve noticed about my country Barbados, is the fact that most of its people are in a state of closed-mindedness towards true fashion and style. Nevertheless, with the newer generation on the rise, the revolution of stylish open-mindedness is on the return. Events such as Suburban House Party, not only exist to entertain, but in my opinion they are also here to propel the younger generation into rocking tank tops, snapback hats, bold patterns and timeless denim jackets. Hopefully on Saturday I’ll be seeing the guys and girls not only stepping out in mere clothing, but also making an entrance in true style.  While sitting at my desk about an hour ago, the idea hit me that being a huge gateway for fashion in Barbados and the world at large, I should do somewhat of a style update in order to put some of these styles out there, and who knows, maybe I’ll help someone in finding an outfit for Saturday’s event.  Key items being bold bohemian or African prints, bright intriguing colors, grunge tons and fabrics; as well as cool accessories like beads, hats, necklaces and of course shoes. The below images are my compilation of true retro style with a touch of urban roots, all captioned to focus in on key items and essentials.

This photo speaks volumes about Retro Style!

Wide-Brim Hats and High Waisted Pants

Fedoras, Bright Colors, Chinos, Desert Boots and let's not forget Plaid.

Animal Instincts must come out in full effect!

Forget the bubbles and load up on Denim, Vans and Snapback Hats

Floral prints and Denim for the girls...

From the streets of Paris, Varsity and Leather Jackets.

Chic tops and short shorts!


Strong Shoulders, tons of Jewelry and Harem Pants!

Denim on Denim | Tank Tops & Boots

Bold Platforms and Pumps.

Tank Tops!

More colors on Black, and Jewelry.

Colored Jeans and Comme Des Garcons


Chic tied tops and Plaited Belts.


Don't forget the cool beads I talked about!

Covering everything that can basically pull off a great outfit, I think you’re definitely ready to make an entrance on Saturday. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, and whether you’ll be rocking Vans Sneakers or Jeffrey Campbell Platforms, break out the box and make a great impression. Make sure you keep it locked and Get Overdosed on Fashion.


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