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Hey guys, gladly I’ve brought back the Style Icon feature after a bit of down time, since I’ve been working with many other projects which are all linked into make me a better industry pioneer and in-turn, making La Mode Dimitri better. I am sure you’ve noticed the new look which I set after wanted a cleaner and un-cluttered space; but I hope you guys like it. Now without further delay, I got a great opportunity to chat with a man whom I’ve looked up to when I first entered the industry, and who at this point inspires my endless versatility in style. Without a doubt, his eccentric style turns the heads of many, and he continues to be a striking and bold figure within the fashion industry  especially as an independent black male. Presenting to the world of La Mode Dimitri for the first time, here is Ugo Mozie.

You guys can stay connected with Ugo’s stylish lifestyle and his work by following him on Twitter and visiting his Website.


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