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As I seek to integrate much more of my personal style and ideas within the editorial category which my blog currently falls into, I decided to write an in-depth article as to why I love fashion, what inspires me within the style industry, and also to bring forward to you – apart from my amazing promotional photos – my personal style portfolio. I have many projects at this point that I am working hard on and right now there are many opportunities and ideas which are arising. With this said, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much recently; however, I really want to thank my constant blog viewers who have been faithful through it all. Although this may seem to the ‘dead season’ in the cyber world of fashion, I still enjoy doing what I do and I am glad for your continuous support and love.

Everyday, apart from waking up and thanking God for every breath that I breathe, I find my self strolling the pages of the most famous fashion blogs and news pages – along with mine 🙂 – to get the latest scoop on all that revolves around the fashion industry. One make ask me how much fun can this be, but when you have the knowledge of fashion which I have acquired, along with a great love for clothes and designers… that searching and perusing is normally the result. (1. Alexander McQueen) Lately in news there has been much on the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which has been on display at the MET for the last couple of days. Later on in July, I’ll be taking it all in and getting the real inspired feeling when gazing upon his amazing pieces. But no one can dispel the fact that Alexander McQueen has been one of the biggest inspirations and in fact one of my biggest inspirations, when it comes to creativity and individuality in the fashion industry.  Probably the first ‘Fashionista Profile‘ that ever appeared on my blog, but with his incredible talent, he seized the opportunity to capture most of the hearts within fashion.

The above photos, which are from the Savage Beauty display at the MET, capture within them the eternal beauty within all McQueen’s intricate pieces.

The amazing Armadillo shoes, which to this day remain on the stunner list of shoes, peaking at 11 inches and have always been a favorite of mine. Just a few days ago, I made a comment jokingly saying that my wife – whoever she may be – must walk down the aisle at our wedding, towering in a pair of them.  However, since Abbey Lee Kershaw along with Natasha Poly refused to walk the runway in them, I’m sure my wife-to-be would be doing the same.

 2. My  Men of Style

As a black man, there are tons of challenges along with racism that I could face. At this mild age and young point in the growth of my blog, I am sure that I have not seen half of it all. Nevertheless, from day one I’ve set my eyes on a goal and I assure you that with my strong focus and persistence, that everything I put my hand to will come to success. Today I am sure that everyone has an icon as it pertains to character or even in my case dress. Kanye West and Pharrell Williams both capture in my eyes, what I want to be as an assertive, fashionable, versatile and a black man full of character.  They both possess a great level of fearlessness and as funny as it may sound, fierceness.  Pharrell being 5 years older than Kanye, are both always associated with an abundant degree of youthfulness, as well as a high knowledge of style and the ability to be very versatile and having the ‘edge’ in the african american industry of music and fashion alike. Known to attend some of the biggest fashion events each year, the two always show up to the runway looking as stunning as stunning can be, and even breaking the rules a little, as we more recently saw when Kanye rocked a Celine shirt from the female collection at Coachella.

The two have incredibly outstanding in both their music ventures and in business, and what more can one like me expect when looking up to substantial figures like them in today’s society.

Today is the beginning of a new page in the life of La Mode Dimitri, starting with Alexander McQueen, Kanye West & Pharrell Williams. Make sure you return next week, for more insight on the inspirations of Dimitri.


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