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La Mode Street Style

I’m back! Lol… After having an awesome week with so much productivity and planning, it feels good to say it’s Friday! (This would be the perfect time for Rebecca Black’s song to come in) Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to sunny days, and I can assure you that there are certainly tons of new initiatives coming this summer for La Mode Dimitri. Getting down to loads of color, floral patterns and shorts this series is definitely going to show you, a true glimpse of summer on the streets.

Flower in bloom!

Yellow for sunshine!

Killer Heels!

Do not dare discriminate against the European short…

Floral frock shot outside my house…

Summer color…

Neutrally stunning…

I got my Converse… And I’m ready to rock!


Plimsolls and Duffel.

I have a thing for gals in Jeffrey Campbell shoes… 🙂

Bohemian scarf and eccentric style. I love both the look and his look.

Hot chick!

A dash of denim and a pair of converse…

Amazing! Floral sandals, hot shorts and chic shirt!

“European Summer”

Denim and the ever-fantastic Dr Martens!! I must get my pair this summer…

Minimal… (Converse)

Jeffrey Campbell’s with All Black Everything…

I need that shirt! J’adore…

Fashion seems to be the only industry that awaits summer with extreme eager and anxiety…but we always are ready! With floral frocks, shorts, boat shoes, Converse and sunglasses… Let’s Get Overdosed on Summer Fashion & Style.


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  1. lol at those shorts. but the converse are on!

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