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Lights, Camera, Action!

I can easily say that March 18th, 2011 was one of the greatest days of my life, and undoubtedly, it will remain one of my big achievements as a fashion blogger. That day, after running around for many hours, enduring long shopping lines and the pressures of going from designer to designer for fittings, my shoot conceptualized “I Am Dimitri,” finally arrived.

I had always been planning it in the past but I just needed to wait for the right moment. That moment I can say, must be when I ran in to Photographer Mikey Rap, whom I first saw at my Lion King Broadway auditions. Nevertheless, after changing up the concepts, ideas  and location, we finally agreed on a date, a place and a time.  Arriving at the studio late, I got straight to business, and hit set clad in the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren and Antonio Cumberbatch.  Walking onto the set feeling uber-cool I honestly was lost for poses, and all the days of gazing at editorial spreads, flew out my head. With fearlessness in my mind and a job to get done, I was instantly  jolted into the mode of a model and finally completed what I had long known as only a dream. Thanks to my great friends Paul & Danielle who were there to support and of course Mikey, for the great photos.

Cardigan: 21 Men | Trousers: Rykii Dejude | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger 


Fur Hooded Jacket: Antonio Cumberbatch | Jeans: Levi’s 511 | Boots: Polo Ralph Lauren


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  1. Love the cardigan man photo–the whole composition and choice of colors are fantastic

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