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Trend Report | Leather, the New Denim

Trend Report | Leather, the New Denim

Remembering my post on Denim and Denim Jackets… since then or even before then, I began to have a slight obsession with leather; furthermore being so intrigued by it, I longed for a pair of leather pants and tons of leather biker jackets in red, white and the conventional black. Although it may not have been something which was generally accepted for men before; in these times, much change has gone into the fashion industry and style now involves the very edgy things which were not seen as quite fashionable before. At this point, although it may not be a famous as denim, or probably won’t even gain the huge amount of prominence which Denim has acquired, I see it going down the very road that jeans took…and soon it will become something much bigger than it is now.  Seen as a fabric which captures futuristic influence, it will indeed become the future, and already we are starting to see a hand-full of fashion enthusiast rocking “the new denim.”  I too must get in the fast lane and go against the grain like this set of fashionista’s and go get myself some leather this summer. But with this in mind, you better be ready for it to hit hard, and ready to see it stay for a long time.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created in the process by which one tans  putrescible animal rawhide and skin – primarily cattlehide – and this can be produced through different manufacturing processes, ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

1. Trussardi 1911 Fall Winter 2011/2012

2. Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2011/2012

3. Diane Von Furstenburg Fall Winter 2011/2012

4. Agnès B | Paris Fall Winter 2011/2012

5. Dsquared² | Milan Fall Winter 2011/2012

First off, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Biker Jacket, which obviously gets its name from the avid riders of motorbikes, who tend to wear heavy leather in order to protect their skin. Nevertheless, biker jackets and vest are quite popular among our fashion culture, and are increasingly being seen all around.

Here, Pharrel who is known for his great sense of style is seen rocking a Fall 2007 Junya Watanabe Leather Jacket with a fur collar.

Leather jackets are quite nice for summer to just throw on, when it rains or simply just for style…

Spikes and Studs make them even better, giving them a rocky or futuristic edge…

Pairing it with items is actually quite simple, since it would be the ‘stunner’ item, and everything else should be quite simple.

This Burberry number, is definitely one that would have heads turning with its Aviator style, along with the ribbed designs above…

Whether Faux or real, it definitely rocks…and coming with accessories like bags, purses and of course shoes, it makes the best combination.

Here Rihanna is seen rocking all black, topped with a  Balmain Quilted Chain Leather Jacket and semi-leather leggings.

Yes! Leather pants! 😀

They are simply stunning, whether on man or woman…

And in any color!

Once again, going simple for your stunning leather piece to shine…

And we all know how huge Kanye West’s fetish for leather is…right?

So yes, I think I’ve brought to your attention how awesome Leather Pants actually are. 🙂

To shut the show right down, leather dresses, whether with strong shoulders or bold cuts, definitely make the edgy and hot list…


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