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Polo Ralph Lauren Campaign | Spring 2011

The king of class and timelessness has returned with a new Spring 2011 campaign featuring his ‘ever-preppy’ all American style with some extreme tailoring and a touch of ruggedness. Featuring models Sean Harju, Travis Davenport, Pierre Woods and Geoffroy Jonckheere, the campaign shows off the elegant and sophisticated man, while throwing in some rugged and sporty looks for the man with style. I am most certainly not a huge fan of Ralph Lauren, however I do appreciate his significant contribution to the fashion industry especially with his great collection, ‘The Purple Label.’ Without a doubt, this campaign shows once again the true ‘timelessness’ of Polo Ralph Lauren(as a friend of mine would reiterate) with their signature prints and with the grungy toned photos. Going from the beach to the field and the office, the photos were all captured by photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca.


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