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Hey guys…so during lunch today I took a trip into the city to grab a few things for summer and got these amazing shoes along with some other cool stuff. Now, recently I realized that Levi’s has been creating some really cool shoe designs and these just happens to be one of their great pieces. What do you guys think!?

The classic boat shoe in time for summer. Check out my Trend Report covering Boat Shoes


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  1. niiiice levis always produces quality

  2. LOVE THEM!!!! really nice

  3. Lurve, where did u get them from?

  4. I got them from the Levi’s department in Cave Shepard.

  5. Levis are Deff always in style i have my pair already shined up and ready to go.. if you know fashion you know its a must to have these this summer!! the Brown and creme could go with almost anything.. use your Individual style to spice things up or keep it simple with cargo’s and a white vneck O YES!!

  6. Definitely Durio! Boat Shoes are without a doubt a summer essential, and your ‘blab’ about the Cargo’s and V-Neck is classic.

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