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What a productive week this has been! After last Wednesday’s chat with Stephen Christopher, I got down to another Style interview with yet another interesting and stylish male, André DeVeaux. Asking him a couple of questions and indeed having a good time doing so, I got to know the man behind some of best Street Style in London and Editor-in-Chief of Check it out…

So, Who is Andre DeVeaux?

[Laughs] Oh my god I cringe when talking about myself in third person but ok, André DeVeaux is this fabulous-fabulous fashion stylist, creative consultant and style-writer from London, UK.

… and can you tell me what inspired you to become a stylist?

Well to be honest I wasn’t really “inspired” it kind of just worked out that way; from a young age I always loved clothes, shopping, imagining outfits in my head. My mother I suppose was the first person to really show me the ropes, I remember being about 6… 7.. and while shopping with her I’d pick up a few pieces and she’d say “no” to a couple of things, but then she’d pick up other options and show me how I should actually pair them together, so I’m guessing it started with her if anything.

So how did you go about working towards achieving the goal or dream of becoming a popular stylist?

A popular stylist? Well it’s funny because I don’t really think of my self that way, I’m always pushing myself for more so even if I was at that stage I probably wouldn’t see it like that… when you say popular stylist I think Carine Roitfeld, Edward Enninful, Grace Coddington, Nicola Formichetti, I still have such a long way to go before I reach that level in my career, but I suppose just to get to where I am today its had a lot to do with me pushing myself more.

… and are there any challenges you faced, if any, in creating a name/face for yourself in the fashion industry?

Erm… [Laughs] I think there’s always a challenge, even when your established it’s really about keeping yourself mainly your face out there. One thing I’ve noticed about the fashion industry particularly in the early stages of building your career, it’s not really about what you know but who you know. I see so many things in publications that I love where I’m just like “I could’ve done that… had I been given the chance”, so I think one of my biggest challenges thus far has been networking and keeping myself in the right circle of people.

Knowing all that, would you say that living in London plays an integral role in guiding your career?

At this point most definitely yes, I’m very lucky to live in a place where nearly everything is so accessible to me, there are so many people all over the world that have to travel to places like here or New York just so they can experience fashion, so the fact that I’m naturally based here makes me very thankful.

… and does living in London influence your style or choice of clothing at all?

Hmmm… I wouldn’t say it influences my style, if anything I’d have to say it allows me to be more open with it. I think most people when they see me on a day-to-day basis they notice my style is quite American; I was about 14 or so when someone first said this to me, I didn’t really notice back then I just thought maybe they’re just comparing me to stuff they saw in music-videos at the time, but now I look back on it and I see my general style now it’s not British at all. I love those Varsity Jackets, the old-skool Hi-Tops, Snapback Caps… them Baseball Jerseys, all very-retro eighties/fifties type stuff; that’s been my look since I was like 11/12, but it’s the last 3 seasons or so that these styles became really mainstream among the boys here in London, particularly the Varsity Jackets and the Hi-tops look. At the moment it feels like I’m blending a bit, but I’m sure once the trend passes I’ll be one of the few fashionisto’s still rockin’ that jocky style [Laughs].

Speaking of clothes, who are your favorite designers, and why?

Ooo this is toughie I’ve got so many… hmmm just one-off my head, Balmain. God knows I could just sleep in the boutique every night and roll in all the pieces [Laughs], just being within the presence of post-80’s modern perfection would be the perfect closer to every night; since the Women’s SS09 collection I‘ve been a huge fan, every collection they’ve had since then just speaks volumes.
All the military jackets with the Michael Jackson inspired stuff?… my body tingles at the mere thought. Another one that has given me tingles these last few seasons is Burberry Prorsum. I’ll say two things and that will be it, Aviator Shearling Jacket and Biker Trench.

Okay, so as a stylist what would you say inspires or influences your styling?

Music! flat-out, nothing more, nothing less. My styling most of the time is an expansion of something I’m already doing for myself or perhaps something I’d love to do for me but looks better on someone else, so people like Prince, Adam Ant, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, all these people play a major role in contributing to my outlook on style today.

… and is your fashion and style influenced by other countries or cultures?

Erm… I guess as I mentioned before with the Varsity Jackets and stuff, American culture really. All that stuff from the eighties and early nineties, that’s what I grew up with so that’s what kind of instilled in me.

What plans do you have set for 2011?

To create a bigger and better me… [Laughs]

And how will you go about doing that?

Well I’ve got a lot in the pipeline this year, I’m going to be doing a lot more styling and I may perhaps revisit some of my photographer habits too; I produced/styled/directed my first motion-picture fashion video earlier this year which is gonna dropping soon so that’s definitely an area I want to explore more, also I really want to push myself more into the music side of things. I wont be satisfied just working in fashion I need to cross barriers and not just be limited to one thing so that’s going to be one of the next big steps for me.

Lastly, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

Not giving up.

A fearless an amazing man, with inspiring words… check his amazing style versatility in some of the images below, and make sure you check out his website HERE.


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