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After sitting down and compiling a few questions for my upcoming Style Icon features, I finally got the ball rolling with Mr Stephen Christopher who is without a doubt…simply Dope! The amazing and fun young fashion star thanked me for choosing him and getting down to the interview he was just plain fun and high-spirited. This fashionisto who is a basically a stylist and designer, caught my eye about a month ago, and I knew he was destined for ‘La Mode.’ Check out his responses to my questions below along with some stunning photos to show you what he’s working with.


1) Who is Stephen Christopher?

Stephen Christopher is just an average college student trying to make a mark in this world called fashion. I’m just doing what I gotta do to be, and live successful.

2) What has been your biggest inspiration in life thus far?
My grandmother has been my biggest  inspiration! Her creative eye started at a young age too and she could have been rich & famous but for her it wasn’t about that, it was just about making money to pay her way through school and to do what she loved doing.
3) Has this, or apart from this, what else has influenced the way you dress and the way you put together styles?

I personally don’t think that I have a style. I think the way people have seen me was like a phase; I change all the time. I don’t like looking average or  looking like everyone else, I just like being different!
4) Who are your favorite designers?
I can’t say that I have a favorite designer because each designer has his or her own voice and wants the world to see it. However I’m a big fan of the Alexander McQueen , Balmain, Thierry Mugler, Jeremy Scott, Dolce & Gabbana, John Galliano, Alexis Mabille, Yohji Yamamoto, Armani Privé, Givenchy, BurBerry, DSquared and Christian Louboutin  just to name a few. (At this point I’m laughing at the fact he said few, because, that certainly was a lot. On my part I too love most of them, including my favorites D&G and Jeremy Scott.)
5) Why have you listed them as your favorites?
Because each one is different in their own way and they keep me on the edge every season.
6) When did you start your style blog?
I started my  blog ‘#FASHIONwasted’ in March of 2010 but  I really didn’t use it until some time around August or September.  It’s actually kinda funny because someone  was like, “you need to make a blog!”  And I kinda dogged them out. I to some extent  feel bad now, but then again I don’t,  because I’m not friends with them anymore. (Lol)  Nonetheless, I’m honestly glad that I’ve gone on because since I got on I’ve loved it ever since.
7) What made you really want to start your style blog?
Umm, average people on the street use to stare at me a lot so I thought to myself, “Hey people on the Internet should be able to stare at me to.” I was kinda big on Myspace as well, so this wasn’t something new to me. I would have the dopest page & the hottest music & the pictures to top all off. 🙂
8) Are you satisfied with its large growth?
Very!!!!  I get really excited when  I get a new follower! (Lol)
9) What do you think the fashion world will become in the near future?
For me, I need for clothes to be in a can, or cars to be flying… I Want my to have a floating runway over the  grand canyon raining with wild life & guns!
10) Okay, so last but not least, has the area you currently live in or where you lived when you were a child, impacted on your current sense of fashion and style?
The area  that I currently live in is pushing me to strive for more, and to get higher in fashion world.  That’s just because it is boring and my creative mind is always on the move.

After saying my thank you(s) to Stephen, he interrupted by saying “No, Thank you! Please don’t be a stranger…just hit me up!”

To check out Stephen’s amazingly interesting page click here!

I wanted this very sleeveless denim jacket for my shoot, but as great minds we are Stephen told me he made that when he was bored!


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