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La Mode Street Style

La Mode Street Style

Let me just tell you guys that this was one hell of a week filled with tons of assignments, stress and just plain school! University seems to be getting harder and I am sure I will keep up, but thank God for my amazing photo shoot yesterday with Mikey Rap that the stress was eased and I got some amazing ‘I AM..DIMITRI’ looks (Click here to check out his Facebook Page and some sneak peeks from my shoot) . After a week of serious work I am back with 20 fresh looks for your eyes to feast on. Check them out and make sure you Get Overdosed on Fashion!

The Minimalist!

My Barbadian stunner and friend…the ever-preppy Jamie!

Red-Out Gent

Girls, Girls, Girls…you just keep killin’ em’ with your Jeffery Campbell heels.

Snoods keep your warm and fashionable…

Those little cute accessories and chic dress…N.B ‘the strong shoulder’

Blazers, Denim and Boots

Those Blue Shoes

Feeling the summer already!?

Beauty wrapped up in an entire look | My favorite look for the girls

Color is beautiful! I am black inside and out!


Where are my suspenders? Simply Classic…

Sophisticated and hot

My favorite guy look!

Chic with Chanel

Skinny Jeans and Sweats

Patterns are definitely rocking!

~Silver Nails, Strong Shoulders and just plain amazing~



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  1. thank you! ^^

    i love your blog btw

  2. You are so welcomed and Thank You!

  3. Stunning outfits, and nice blog=)

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