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Trend Report | Denim Jackets

Denim has certainly been throughout the years the most worn fabric from inception and has indeed dominated the world of fashion and style. From the days of Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss in 1873 to this day with brands like Acne and Nudie distributing some of the highest quality denim jeans around the world. To this day however, although many people are comfortable wearing jeans whether they are skinny, straight or boot-cut, they still question Denim Jackets. Without a doubt in m mind, I strongly believe that denim jackets are indeed stylish and add a rugged touch in an elegant and sophisticated way. They can be worn with a chic dress for the girls or even a classic outfit for the guys. But no matter how they are worn even miniature or over-sized, they most certainly get my “style icon plus.” My favorite denim Jacket, is my Tommy Hilfiger Denim jacket, and I like it because it has a preppy look while still retaining the jeans rugged appeal. Today I will show you some of the hottest denim looks for women and the coolest yet still uber-stylish looks for men. And although I’m broadly discussing Denim, whether colored, selvedge or stretch, my main focus today is Denim Jackets. By the way, I see at the moment leather becoming the next ‘denim’ in our era.

First up…me! Rocking my favorite Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket, with a pair of Nike Blazers

Denim Jacket, chic dress, leggings and a quite pair of Oxford flats.

This layered looks goes well for the cold weather!

Denim paired with an ultra chic dress…

Bobby Raffin wearing an amazing denim outfit with a simple white shirt and a patched jeans.

Kanye West and Amber | Double Denim

Here Rihanna and her friend both wear slightly bleached denim jackets with close-fitting dresses.

Chris Brown wearing a Levi’s Denim Jacket, camouflage shorts and red high-cut Converse

Pharrell rocking a BBC Aviator styled denim jacket, jeans and red shoes.

Bow Wow layering a Levi’s Denim Jacket on a minimal outfit.

Our beloved Style Icon Dennis Balmaceda in an Old Navy Denim Jacket paired with jeans and a plaid shirt.

This stunning Get-Up showing a cute dressed layered with a studded Denim Jacket!

This is certainly off the edge and fierce! Colored grunge jeans, ripped top and Denim Jacket!

This is definitely what I call style! Having something in many different shapes, colors sizes and designs. This trend has got to hit us somehow…realize they are many Denim Jackets in this article, yet still they come in so many different ways. Have a great day and remember to be stylish in everything you do! (P.S. Sorry for my horrible photo, which was snapped with my Blackberry)


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