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Hey guys, I am honestly sorry for the post drought that there has been for probably the last one day. As you know, I have been incredibly taken up by work and needed some time to re-focus and in general to set my priorities straight. I honestly don’t have a set time to begin blogging, but once I roll over in bed and see my laptop on…I just begin.

To slightly solve this issue of blog droughts šŸ˜€ I now an (excuse myĀ redundancy) even more personal personal blog, for you guys to check out. I created a new icon in the sidebar along with my Facebook and Twitter icons and I hope you would make great use of it. Check it out, and of course if you are on Tumblr, follow me, I am sure to follow you back! šŸ˜‰




About Barrio Dimitri

Hey there! I'm Barrio Dimitri. If you'd like contact me with any queries or ideas, please send an email to

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