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Robert Evans : Model Profile

Being popularly seen wandering around the world of fashion in a leopard print Givenchy Spring 2011 piece for which he became famous, was Robert James Evans who is said to be the next male mega-model. I do agree with this statement without a doubt and definitely believe that Rob’s flawless and well structured face and body will be appearing much more in tons of magazines and on hundreds of runways. After one look at this man, whom some may describe as amazingly stunning and incomparable to any other, one cannot forget his striking looks and not far from perfect physique. Born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Rob Evans as he is informally known is 23 years old and is an avid boxer and a champion to many. “While boxing in my local  gym in Banbury, like I do everyday”, he said, “someone came to me and said that they would like to shoot me, cause they think I could become a model.” Of course he said yes, and he is now off to being the supermodel that he was destined to be. With his kind spirit, amazing look and cool English accent, he continues to grace the pages of many fashion blogs and shoot with prominent photographers like Tarrice Love and more recently Joseph Bleu. Between this Fall/Winter season and last Spring 2011 season, he has been seen walking in both the shows of Givenchy and in S/S of Jeremy Scott. Currently represented by Major Model Management New York and Storm London, his latest collaboration which was recently released includes him among other models like Lara Stone shooting for Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign. Although much of his friends may not like the idea of him making a career in modelling, Robert loves the joy of travelling and the attention he has been receiving, since he never saw this coming. Now ranked #39 on the Male Models list of, he is surely moving forward steadily, and is definitely on his way to becoming the mega-model he never saw in himself. I am sure there are much greater things in store for Robert and with his continual humility, I am sure he is more than likely to go where no other has gone. What is even more astonishing is hos amazing character and personality which compliments his stunning features. I can honestly say that Robert is apparently one of the nicest models I’ve ever spoken to, as many of them can tend to carry an arrogant attitude. I was indeed elated when he contacted me yesterday and thanked me for choosing him and expressed how greatly he appreciated it! Continue reading to check out Robert in his element below with photos from the runway and editorial.

Rob for Love Magazine

Rob for Love Magazine

Rob for Love Magazine

Rob as The Dark Knight by Tarrice Love

Rob Evans by Joseph Bleu

Rob appearing in i-D magazine for Dolce & Gabbana

Rob for Givenchy S/S 2011

Rob opening for Trussardi Fall/Winter 2011

Rob walking for Givenchy Menswear Fall/Winter 2011

Rob walking for Givenchy Menswear Fall/Winter 2011

Finally, here is the recent CKOne campaign featuring as mentioned above supermodel Lara Stone, Cassie, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Rugby Alridge, Swedish Artist Viggo Janason, Pixie Geldof, Alice Della and obviously our La Mode boy, Robert Evans.

Standing at 6’3″, having a chest of 42″, a neck at 16″ and a waist of 32″ are the details that sum up this soon to be mega model. Isn’t he just flawless!? Don’t forget to drop a comment, to like and tweet!


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  1. stunning…and a beautiful write up. Rob deserves his success.

  2. Thank You! Robert definitely is stunning and will gain the success he deserves! 🙂

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  5. Oh god! 42 of chest is way to big!

  6. Many people may think the same, but Robert is doing exceptionally well and is now ranked #39.

  7. I don’t think he’s gonna stay there for long, he’s probably a one or two season guy, male models have in average 35 or 36 of chest in NY

  8. True! But let’s all remember how much change is happening in the fashion industry!

  9. Wow, he is ………………………………… God, Beautiful. And he’s so young. With his personality, charisma and of course, his looks. Designers would be STUPID not to have him wear their clothes! 42, 32, 36, who gives a damn. I was in awe when I saw him in Glamour Mag months ago. Dude’s got staying power!!!!!!! Haters , be damned!

  10. Dude is absolutely beautiful. With his personality and charisma, and his looks, designers would be stupid to not let him wear their clothes. It’s time that models started standing out, not blending in. 35, 36, whateva, Rob is here to stay. HATER, BE DAMNED!

  11. Sadly he’s been telling me lately that he doesn’t enjoy the industry anymore. It’s pretty hard for him to book shows these days since designers are very accustomed to thin male models. During the just passed S/S 2012 shows, he appeared in Jean-Paul Gaultier and Givenchy alone. Gaultier also called him back for the Haute Couture show last week, but other than that, he loves his boxing very much!!

  12. Well, if boxing is his first Love, then that is what he should do. Of course, he has to stay 21 and 0, so that face stays the same. When you talk to him next, tell him, he is much loved here in the states, and hopefully, the so-called “creative” fashion industry will open their minds (oh, wait, their already supposed to be opened, right?) He would fit so perfectly in D Squared, Gucci and so many other shows and fashion spreads. His energy in the Givenchy spread was WOW!!!! They’d better get it together. Lately, I haven’t even been looking at the models’ faces in magazines, only the clothes. There’s just no one new that breaks the mold. When I saw him in Glamour, I thought, alright now………………….something new.

  13. I adore your words, and I will definitely let him know of your love for him, and that of the States. I certainly agree with the DSquared thought and the fact that he was definitely something new to the industry. HIS LOOK IS BEYOND INCREDIBLE!

  14. Truer words were never spoken, BEYOND INCREDIBLE!

  15. wonderful

  16. Here’s a thought. You said that Rob said he wasn’t receiving many bookings as of late. I think he should call up those agents and tell them to “put a bug in the ears” of the designers he would like to walk for and see what happens. It turns out that he is really good at something that he never wanted to do in the first place. They can’t knock him for speaking up to get what he wants, and quite frankly was made for!

    P.S. Love him on the runway, but LOVE him in print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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