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Trend Report | Spring/Summer 2011 Essentials

What’s up guys!? I hope everyone is doing great, cause I surely am (Even though I am trying to control how horribly busy I am these days.) Nonetheless, after asking my Facebook friends what they thought my next Trend Report should be on I got tons of responses and really couldn’t decide which one to write about. But, after some reasoning, I decided to prep you for the upcoming Spring/Summer season and run you through trends that will be blowing up the fashion scene and some old ones that will be returning to dominate. So bundling all the ideas my awesome friends put together, I’ll be starting with Turbans, Headscarves and Sunglasses, then moving on to Tank Tops, Harem Pants and Shorts, and finally Sandals. All in all, I’ll be putting together an entire Summer look and blending the essentials for the stylish man and woman right here on La Mode Dimitri.

So out of everything a fashionisto like myslef could own, I absolutely love sunglasses  and I think I could say I’m quite addicted to buying them. In addition, since I live on an island, where there is always sun, I have basically no choice but to buy them a lot and wear them a lot. I believe that they define the facial structure you have, especially if you experiment with all the different shapes there are, and colors. A favorite of many, are the Aviators, and in this era it seems like we just can’t get enough of them. Every fashionable man, should honestly own at least one pair of Aviator sunglasses, whether they be Ray-Bans or Dolce & Gabbana. My preferred shape of sunglasses however are ‘flat-top’ sunglasses, which give an edgier appeal and are simply much cooler. I own a pair of Arnette sunglasses along with a pair of Versace Flat Tops that are incredibly fierce as some may say and yet still give a sophisticated look. Wayfarers are another huge hit, especially those made by Ray-Ban or the bigger sizes by Grey Ant and Lanvin. With their great variety of sizes and colors, I think they offer a cool feel and durable build. They are definitely perfect for the guy or gal who are always on the go and just want a minimal and cheap, but stylish pair of sunglasses. Of course there are tons of other incredible designer sunglasses on the market, with amazing shapes and offering a great choice of color, and whether you choose clear or polarized they are all great to me. By the way…I love Persols along with my newly purchased Ray-Ban Clubmasters.

Taking a scroll in the sun or a dip in the pool? These Marc Jacobs Sunglasses are the perfect essential.

Turbans and Headscarves are most certainly a thing of the past, but when we see fashion queens like June Ambrose rocking them, we definitely know that we are in for a big blast from the past! I am sure that every fashionista was excited to hear that June Ambrose was suspected to be launching a line of amazing Turbans and Headscarves, but without a doubt, everyone whether young or old, is rocking the ‘ish’ out of those things today. No matter they be made of silk or satin, or multicolored or just based in one color, they are simply stunning and for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, they should be on the wish list of all the fashion enthusiast out there.

June, Solange Knowles and Chrisette Michele looking great in the up-do’s, but let’s not forget our guys…shown above in photo 2, my friend Bobby wearing a vintage headscarf that adds an amazing touch to his already great outfit.

Cheniér Shinyéy and Paolo Roldan wearing Turbans

Bringing in the summer once again with a big bang will most definitely be the tank top. Without a doubt they are the simplest yet still can be one of the most fashionable items one there are  today, and although they may definitely seem like a thing of the past, they actually aren’t. Returning in a loud way for the summer, it is indeed essential that you own at least one fashion forward tank , and to wear them with style I have the perfect examples of stylish persons who are doing just that.  Showing a little skin is what people usually do for the summer and a really good way to help you with the heat, but why not spruce up your summer ensemble by rocking a patterned tank or one with banging graphics to the beach or even to a party!

Layering your tank top with a sweater, blazer or jacket, is a perfect way to pull off from the party look to upscale and sophisticated.

Let me not forget about those flawless chicks who will be stepping up their style game this summer with cropped tanks and basic tank tops.

I covered these style of pants a while ago, but probably not with the style sense I have now. So once again which much more flare and exposure…here is the Harem. The most stylish and eccentric pants that I have ever seen around with elements that make you go wow! Mostly made from free-flowing jersey fabric but can now be found in a variety of fabrics like silk etc, they originated in India and have informally been called parachute pants. Most of the time they are tapered at the leg and have a baggy seat from which most of its eye catching attention is garnered. However, whether worn by man or women, they are simply amazing and without a doubt, they are capturing some fashion attention this S/S. Check out the looks below to get your ‘1000 word’ scoop on the next biggest bottom after jeans.

They are incredible finishers of the perfect style combination, and help to get you the ‘out of this world’ look.

Whether they are fitted with bold prints or simply black…they are definitely that one fashion pieces that are sure to stun!

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, trust me, there is nothing wrong with showing some skin, especially in the S/S season. These uber-comfortable and over-exposed style of pants have been in for many years, but only in the latest seasons were people really taking them serious. And once again they return for a big summer season. People normally think that shorts are only for girls but check this, today I’m gonna show you some of the coolest, most fashionable men, rocking shorts. Yep! European summer style that is… I honestly prefer not to wear shorts because my feet are skinny :D, but trust me, this summer I will be putting that behind, and hitting the streets of Paris in the most fashionable shorts I’ll ever see.

For the girls : Pairing them with a great pair of leggings is just a hot, and makes the perfect combo!

For females sandals can referred to as the heel shoe which has bandage like straps; however, today I’ll be talking  about the summer sandal or the gladiator. Known to be dating back from roman times, the gladiator probably originated around that time; but the general sandal has been in for a long time now and more than enough we’ve seen designers throw these fashion pieces frantically out on the runway. The more recent Spring/Summer 2011 season saw designers like Lanvin, Versace and Bottega Venetta including amazing sandals in their collections. But let me tell you this, without a doubt, sandals are the most fashionable and light style of shoes that anyone could wear. I was greatly impressed when I saw a guy at my university wearing a stunning pair of gladiator sandals but in the near future, I really hope to see much more being thrown onto the feet of our stylish young generation. According to The Urban Gent, “the issue of gentlemen wearing sandals is simply a matter of the traditional versus the nontraditional. The Urban Gentleman who chooses the traditional route should not expose his toes; canvas lace-ups, decks shoes, loafers, and oxfords all worn sockless is how he keeps his feet cool in the summer months.”  However, “The Urban Gentleman that chooses the nontraditional route should wear sandals that match his style. And let’s be honest we can mentally flip through our rolodex of friends and picture which friends can pull off sandals and which can’t. The extremely environmentally conscious type, the world traveler type, and the vintage hipster type are just a few that I can see getting away with sandals.”

Well I am most certainly sure that you got your ultimate ‘summer/spring’ fix and I hope to see more of you guys and gals rocking these great summer pieces this Spring/Summer season. Take a page out of my Trend Book to become the ultimate stylista or fashionisto, and make sure you keep it locked to Get Overdosed on Fashion!


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