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Timo Weiland | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYFW

As clearing stated what was going through my head, “Inspiration is a funny thing. During fashion week it’s a tough topic to avoid and every show seems to be a mad brain scramble to somehow categorize and label the plethora of images that assault the eye.”  Said to have had inspiration from the British colonial life by way of India, duo Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein combined the male looks with the female looks and presenting bold but still rather low-key. The guy’s looks in my opinion were rather classic and whimsical while the girls had some rather stunning pieces. Let me show you what I would wear from the guys and my favorite from the girls and then take a look at all the pieces below.

Here is my favorite girls look…make sure you look at the full collection because the looks are amazing!


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  1. “Amazing” ??? Me thinks not! I just checked out the whole collection with some hope of redemption. This range is awful. If “classic” and “whimsical” are euphemisms for DONE and DONE, then I agree with your review otherwise it all looks very H&M to me!

  2. Well I am sure everyone has their opinion. It was probably not something that you were looking to find at NYFW, but it was there. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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