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The 53rd Grammy Awards | La Mode’s Best Dressed

So I enjoyed every minute of the red carpet last night on E!, both the good and the bad, and the happy and the sad! 🙂 I really had no intention of doing a best dressed list, but since I love both music and fashion, and yes they go hand-in-hand…I had to do it. Just for your information, sadly, everyone did not look stellar last night and since only good things appear on this blog…you won’t be seeing Justin Bieber, Amber Riley and of course not, Willow Smith (Opps).

Without a doubt, Emilio Pucci and Jean-Paul Gaultier pulled off the best designs last night on the Red Carpet. My top nods went out to Rihanna and Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier and Jennifer Lopez, Ciara and Lea Michele in Emilio Pucci.


Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Lopez


Lea Michele

Miley Cyrus surely put on some grown girl glam, and stepped out in a Roberto Cavalli dress.

Jennifer Hudson put her best look forward and came out rocking a lovely Versace dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Mega rapper Nicki Minaj stepped out in full animal instincts and greatly pulled off her Givenchy outfit.

Mya, who has a small reputation for looking stellar, turned up last night in this beautifully embellished dress.

Kim looked gorgeous as usual wearing a gold sequined dress by Kaufman Franco.

Janelle Monae strolled on to the carpet in her regular masculine inspired wear which featured extreme tailoring.

Time for the men, with whom there was a little lack of fashion sense. I don’t know why Justin Bieber would turn up to a red carpet wearing a Dolce & Gabanna suit and top it off with sneakers (???) Or why P. Diddy who is supposedely known for being well dress would turn up in a bomber jacket. However, they were a couple good fashionistos among them..

Bruno Mars surely looked grand for his big night, the singer/songwriter arrived in his three-piece suit.

A man who definitely has authentic style and whom I loved from day one, is Lenny Kravitz. Rocking a sheer shirt and some fur, he turned up looking ‘haute couture’ on the red carpet.

Rapper B.O.B definitely kept his look together and looked classy with a mixture of his urban vibe.

Ricky Martin tried to have an edge and that he did. Although his pants were hideous, he looked good from waist up!

Well overall, the Grammy’s was surely a great event with the red carpet being great and the show being epic. I enjoyed the overall vibe especially Aretha Franklin’s tribute, which to me was missing Beyonce. Talking about Beyonce, she really didn’t shine pertaining to fashion but nevertheless she looked fine. I am done this this review because I refrain from usually doing Red Carpet events…this is not a gossip site, but this is a Haute Couture blog! 🙂

Photos Courtesy : Essence & JustJared


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  1. who was Bruno wearing

  2. Bruno was wearing an amazing Z by Zegna suit! Thanks for visiting La Mode Dimitri

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