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Milan est Terminée | Paris a Commencé

Well all the action in Milan finished yesterday and it was pretty excited to bring you all the coverage from the shows. It was also exceeding tiring at points especially when I had to put up with an uncooperative internet connection. But nevertheless we fashionistas are all glad and happy with what took place in Milan and are ready for some more great shows in Paris. Fashion designer Thierry Mugler, opened the shows in Paris, today at 6:00 PM, Paris time, and as for the world of fashion we are expecting to see photos which interpret the fact that it was a great show.

Lady Gaga has been set as the musical director of the show and apparently debuted her song for her new album “Born this Way.” I am awaiting the show photos and as soon as I post them, make sure you Get Overdosed on Fashion.

As for me, I am going to get something to eat, get some rest and think about school which starts in a couple of days, and for which  I am incredibly unprepared. However, My two biggest awards this season go to D&G for the Best Casual Wear Show and Z by Zegna for their great tailored collection, all showcased in Milan. When I get some of the items, I will be sure you give you an inside scoop, but for now, Peace & Love from Dimitri.

Here is a video from the finale of the Mugler show.


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