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La Mode Street Style

wait! so is this the first street style of 2011!? hope you guys have a great weekend planned and apart of your awesome plan is la mode dimitri. I think i’m excited because of all that’s going down this weekend, but i’m also enjoying my long vacation which ends on the 23rd of january. anyway guys, ‘et’s get down to business, and if you haven’t realised as yet, i just adopted the fashion blogger trend of no capitals! 🙂

this futuristic gold look is simply stunning

ready for battle! Combat boots are definitely not a thing of the pass…currently trending!

polka dots paired with a trench! classic chic

the ever cool converse and the bomber jacket…

spiked pumps!! Nothing else to say but simply epic…

classic GQ!

animal instincts in full effect…this collaboration is amazing!

this…is…the…perfect winter combination…nothing else to say but stunning! my ultimate favorite and la mode style icon!

fabulous outfit + cute girl…;)

simple style!

all the fur in the world!! I love

captured through my camera lens on NYE…my trusty friend Duwayne rocking a ‘uber-dope’ outfit!  🙂


Happy Saturday Guys!


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  1. Great blog post, nice fashion ideas 🙂 ILOVE THE CREAM COAT MMM

  2. Thank you very much Vasare! It’s great to hear such comments from persons like you!
    The cream coat is indeed amazing…keep it locked to La Mode Dimitri and share with your friends! 🙂

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