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Devon Pittman : Model Profile

With a strong and unique facial structure, along with a rock solid physique, Devon Pittman, has a huge future ahead of him filled with fun and fashion. Today I take this time to introduce you to yet another young  and enthusiastic fresh face, who was recently signed to Red Models in New York City.

Every time Devon and I get the opportunity to chat, I vision somewhere in the back of my head, the first day we met. A young and full of laughter Bostonian, who was at that time basically ‘nothing’ as it relates to the fashion industry and modelling. I remember his always interesting conversations about wanting to become a model, and striving to be the best that he could possibly be. In a short space of time, he was soon more than the average guy from Boston, as he was signed to Red, and began his climb within the international model industry. Many guys who dream of this very dream never make it this far; however,  I’m glad Devon has. Now I am willing to support him in every way I can, and to help him in becoming the model he strives to be. Make sure you check out his story, and comment, Like or share to Twitter.

Devon was born in the city of Boston on the 29th of May 1990 and grew up with the intentions of being either an entrepreneur, an athlete or a model. Throughout his life, he enjoyed cooking, playing rugby, football,  doing track and field, making people laugh, (Lol),  socializing with his family and animals. Somewhere during our conversation, he mentioned his cool yet random love for “exotic” animals, and how he found himself to one of those = ‘animal whisperers.’ 😀

By this time I was laughing my butt off, and was happy that he chose modelling. Of course after lots of hard work and dedication, he was signed to Red. Luckily for us all, he will be making his runway debut this coming season at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in September. Below I will be giving you an introduction into the model’s life and showing some campaigns and editorials which he has been working on so far.  In finishing, he proclaimed that Tyson Beckford was his inspiration to become a model and in the near future he certainly has his mind set on becoming a supermodel, as well as a role model for those who think they will amount to nothing.

By the way, I forgot to tell you about his smile…I think I’ll just let the photo speak for itself.


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  1. Great smile and amazing cheekbones. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog btw.

  2. You are very welcomed!

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