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Scott Campbell for Louis Vuitton | Round-Up

Remember that amazing collaboration with Louis Vuitton and tattoo artist Scott Campbell for the menswear collection? Well just a few days ago we have been getting some great updates from him and here on La Mode Dimitri, I am providing you with a detailed and complete round-up.

For last year’s Louis Vuitton  menswear show in Paris, Marc Jacobs  brought along his trusty Tattoo artist Scott Campbell to temporarily mark up the male models with LV Tattoos.   But last June, Campbell  was was given the awesome privilege  to put his artistic touch to some of the leather bags or “murses” for the LOUIS VUITTON – Men’s spring-summer 2011 collection.  At that time, with men’s fashion week approaching, the Style Cartel decided to revisit some of the most innovative collections for S/S 2011.  The artistry of tattoos makes a big statement at Louis Vuitton and  thanks to Marc Jacobs of  course, who keeps his ear to the street and can spot great talent.

For Scott Campbell, it all started at a tattoo studio in the Lower Haight district of San Francisco. “I’m just the dirty kid who snuck in the back door,” said Mr. Campbell, who said that he got the bulk of his art education, tattooing teenage gang members in San Francisco in the 1990s. His career as a tattoo artist took off in 2005, four years after he moved to New York and opened his studio, Saved Tattoo, in the then-emerging neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At this point, Scott is known as a celebrity tattoo artist and can charge as much as $300 per hour, but  most definitely providing the best in quality that anyone can find.


Check out the cool videos below to get a full scope into the action.

Now jumping to more current times…Scott recently conducted a few interviews to answer a few questions from the Louis Vuitton fans pertaining to his collaboration.


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