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Trend Report | Boots, Boats & Oxfords

One unavoidable fashion topic is the fact of people following trends in the industry. However, what most people don’t get is that  true fashion lovers set their own trends and in order to pull off effortless style, pair different elements to create the perfect outfit. Shoes which are currently on the top list of fashion trends are Military Inspired Boots, Boat Shoes and the Oxfords, which people mistakenly call ‘Boyfriend Shoes.’

One inevitable trend, is that of shoes. They are come in many styles and shapes and although a particular shoe style may be the ‘in’ thing, all you have to do, is to know how to pair those shoes with a stunning outfit that you are sure no one else will come up with.  My objective here is to provide you with some of the best looks with which you can combine these amazing shoe trends. Normally, people where combat boots with a general minimalistic look. Wearing boots often gives a person a futuristic look therefore persons tend to lean toward the jacket, blazer, sweater or just general outer-wear habit. The picture on the left is a great, basic example on how to rock a pair of high cut boots, combat/military boots are gladiator boots. By the way, most of the time, black, grey, tan or dark brown boots go with any color and if you layer properly the look will definitely be pulled off!

Check out these other fantastic looks for both guys and gals!


This look consists of a bleached denim jeans and a leather jacket, this is an example of contrasting textures which again go well with the boots.

Normally the inside shirt is basic and could be a simple pastel, V-Neck or as seen above a simple graphic.

Military on Military! I love this military inspired jacket and the boots which are mixed, leather and velvet.

Time for the girls! This fashion stunner decided to layer up with a symmetrical military jacket, a lace dress, leggings and the perfect pair of boots.

Time for some heels to join my post! I really didn’t want to put in heels, but ladies generally think boots to be those ‘sassy’ pairs the they rock to a party…so I threw them in!

Perfect look!

Okay…Let’s take a trip across the seas and soak in the fashionable and ever preppy Boat Shoes!

I honestly think that every fashion savvy person should own a pair of these vintage inspired shoes which ten to give the wearer an interestingly upscale look.

When it comes to Boat shoes, its honestly not that hard to put together a great look because they can go with basically anything, from the simplest outfit to the ‘hypest frock!’ 🙂 But they are some basics that one must take into consideration. These shoes are not normally worn with long jeans. Notice I said normally, they are usually paired with a pair of chinos, rolled jeans or a general shorts or Capri.

Trend three takes us to the classics, which apparently is where our current fashion era is heading. Everything nowadays is said to be taken from the ‘older’ times and most definitely the more fashion savvy times. When style and fashion mixed with etiquette and class was taken seriously. So  the Oxford it is called, is a style of laced shoes characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs which are stitched under the vamp.  Oxfords are traditionally constructed of leather and were historically plain, formal shoes but are now available in a range of styles and materials that complement both casual and formal forms of dress. I particular like the new heeled alternate to its flat-footed cousin.

Oxfords are similar to boat shoes in the way how they can be combined with many outfits whether simple or simply outrageous. Check out some of the looks to find out how you can make the best of an outfit when wearing Oxfords!


This over exaggerated commander outfit is finished perfectly with a simple pair of classic nude colored Oxford Shoes.

Its heeled cousin is beyond stunning and I loved to see girls rocking these hot shoes!

In every color and style they come, but its your choice to follow the simple rules of fashion and style to pull off the best outfit containing any of these shoe trends. Keep it locked to La Mode Dimitri and Get Overdosed on Fashion, Peace & Love from Barrio!



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  1. I’m really not a boot person. I barely wear high top sneakers. I just feel so much sexier with low ones lol. But I must admit, since Paul Wesley keeps wearing ’em, perhaps I should give it a try haha. (I meant the boots)


  2. I am in love with boots and as you brought it up…High cut sneakers too. I love Nike Blazers!

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