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For a long time, I have been a huge fan of Chris Brown and his music and no matter what, I think that he will always remain on my top chart of great singers and performers. After all the turmoil and confusion surrounding his ‘Bajan Princess,’ I think he has extensively grown into becoming a true man and male role model for all. I think he has no right to look back and from this point onward he must grow and continue to inspire. One thing that I have seen change drastically is his inevitable style. This once urban teenage heartbreak, now presents himself like a true man of style or simply as GQ.  Being apart of the Breezy Magazine team, I see pictures of him flying through my workspace everyday and over the years I have definitely seen a big style upgrade. I now see him as a Style Icon, being able to pull of any look, whether it be preppy, vintage, upscale or luxury or even back to the urban roots.

Fashion and music is known to go hand in hand and at this point I think that C. Breezy ,as he is informally know, has a great edge!

Chris Brown Chris Brown attends the John Varvatos 10th Anniversary Party at John Varvatos 315 Bowery Boutique on September 11, 2010 in New York City.

Here are some responses to some questions that Chris was asked at the John Varvatos Party from which the photo above was taken!

How would you describe your style?
I would say reject with a little bit of preppy. We’re just trying to have fun and do stuff that not everybody is doing, but that other people can relate to.

Why do you describe your style as “reject”?
Because I wouldn’t go with the natural trends, like, if everybody says, “This is the cut I’m wearing for fall,” I’m like, “I’m cool. I’m wearing something else.” I might wear a tank top in the winter or maybe a fur coat in the summer. I’m always the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

As a straight man, is there any fashion you can’t wear?
Nah, I’m always wiling to push the envelope. I think I’m extremely content with my manhood and masculinity, so anything with clothes, I’m not too timid about pushing the envelope when it comes to style. (I think this question is one which normally crosses the minds of many, especially black people. In my opinion, black folk are usually very closed-minded and sometimes over-analytical in a bad sense. Clothing should not be stereotyped as gay or straight, as Chris said, once you know yourself, the “boundaries” can be expanded a bit.)

What’s your assessment of New York Fashion Week?
I’ve done it in Milan, Paris, different places. It’s a lot more snobby here. I like overseas, because you get more appreciation of the culture and the art. It’s not about who you are or what you do. In Milan and Paris, the times I’ve gone, you just get to appreciate it a lot more and you’re more relaxed. In the States, people are so uptight because they care about the wrong things.

Did something bad happen to you at a New York show?
No, nothing in particular. It’s just the aura of it.

Will you drink any moonshine tonight?
Nah. I don’t drink that much in general, so I’m definitely going to stay away from that.


In this shot with Super Model Naomi Campbell, Chris pulls off an incredibly preppy look, wearing a Khaki Chino, Boat inspired shoes, a Plaid shirt and a Varsity Jacket to top it off.

Talk about style!? These Christian Louboutin shoes are ultimately fly!

Definitely GQ! The young ‘star’ portrays nothing less than top quality fashion as he walks for Naomi Campbell’s fashion show for Haiti!

Pictures speak more than 1000 words and with the few words spoken by myself along with the stunning shots above, no one can deny the fact that Chris Brown is a style icon…and as the urban may say…Fly Like a G6! 😀



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