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Happy Birthday Tyson!

The ‘best’ black male model of all time celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday and without a doubt he is still a stunner. That would be none other than the best and greatest, Tyson Beckford.

Born December 19th 1970, Tyson began modelling in the year 1991 when he was discovered by the editor of the Hip-Hop magazine ‘The Source.’  From that time onward he continued working hard and that landed him his big break which was to become the representative of the famous Ralph Lauren Sports Line. This was quite an unusual break as he was the first black person to ever represent the line, so yes, there was no Tyra or no Iman, just Tyson. By 1995, Beckford was on the covers of many major magazines, including Papers and Essence and was also featured on many multiple-page spreads in GQ, Vogue, New York Times and Details.

He is apparently most known for his stunning figure and unusual looks, especially his eyes, and was named ‘Man of the Year’ in the year 1995 and also found himself on the People’s Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People.

The photo above was taken by him yesterday as he is on a birthday vacation in his second-home Jamaica, and as we can see, at 40 he still looks amazingly young! 🙂

Barrio Dimitri along with the viewers and fans of La Mode Dimitri want to wish him a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday and many more to come!


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