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The name may sound familiar to many, especially those in the fashion industry, but this young gent, who is a former employee of Ralph Lauren and Converse, is now an incredible designer and co founder of the fashion label, ‘Man vs. Machine.’  The self-proclaimed, ‘New Generation Designer,’ operates the fashion house ‘Man vs. Machine’ along with his partner Charlie Browne out of the fashion capital of America, New York City. Their clothes, which have a futuristic-electronic look to them and is said to be inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrik, always seem to impress me, with their simple yet luxury fashionistique look.

Jordan, who was born on the 14th of April in the year 1986, studied Menswear at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and after two collections without a fault, they stand fearlessly among the renowned designers in the world. “The concept of Man vs. Machine derives from the never-ending conflict between man  and his/her own creation. Established by boy hood friends Jordan White and Charlie Browne, New York based Man vs. Machine is a progressive lifestyle brand that caters to the creative intellectual. Each collection aims to capture the futuristic essence of youth, rebellion and revolution. Man vs. Machine represents individualities fight against corporate culture’s grip on society, MVM sets to redefine traditional silhouettes through unorthodox design and concepts. Each season combines an array of luxurious fabrics with ultramodern inspired color assortments – styles focus on tailored fit, irregular seam construction, and clean lines all while incorporating design through simplicity.”

Above is a preview from their 2009 Fall Collection…

The dynamic dup continue to strive in the fashion industry and as a loyal fan, I hope to see many more from the dynamic fashion label.

“To refer to MVM as another luxury label is an understatement. Built on the basis of youthful rebellion and innovation, Man vs. Machine is an attitude and a lifestyle, inspiring a generation to go against the grain”


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  1. Carmen Cunningham

    Jordan, I’m very proud of you…keep up with the trends!

  2. Awesome style , detail Urban shiek..

  3. Love the detail and uniqueness of your work, they do say
    excellence and creativeness goes together, that is you……….

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