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As a famous song says…” It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and I am oh so excited. All the shopping and all the gifts just bring cheer to my heart! ūüôā However some people always find themselves stuck and wondering what should they give, well obviously fashionable people just don’t give anything…so you gotta know what you are going to buy and what that special person is going to love!

So today let us get the ball rolling with some fashionable gift essentials for the special woman! ūüėČ


Sunglasses are always great, and they always top off the look of any person. Here in Barbados, it’s hot and sunny through the entire year. So sunglasses are even more essential for my wonderful weather. Now, sunglasses are a great fashion item, but they are also good for you eyes because UV rays are really harmful. So make sure you load up on those designer sunglasses and get your ‘fab’ on.


Hats are becoming extremely trendy among many of our young people and are moving their way back into our generation. The traditional ones and Fedoras are just amazing and can also be a great gift for the fashionable women or the avid hat buyer.

3. Scarves/ Snoods

Many of us, during this time, experience some horribly cold weather and therefore…we gotta layer up! So Scarves and Snoods are the perfect fashion accessory to give you that hot look and still an amazingly warm feel.

4. Trench Coats & Jackets

Jackets and trenches are the perfect layer to complete an outfit and the way fashionable people put them on, it always seems to amaze me. Jackets and Trenches always make the look complete and as to relate to the weather, they really keep you warm!

5. Luxury Luggage

No woman on earth would turn down¬†receiving¬†a bag for christmas. It is built-in¬†their DNA to be obsessed¬†with the strap capsules! But you just have to know which one. Now I’ve seen some great bags, both in my fashion career and also flying through¬†the doors of my home clinched by my mum, who by the way, has tons of bags.

So try trends like animal patterns, patent leather, small clutches or huge Keepalls and they all work!


No woman will ever resist a hot pair of pumps. Whether it may be platforms for the edgy chick or just plain open-toe for the more classy low-keyed woman, I really love to see women in a really great pair of pumps. I really dislike seeing fashionable ladies in sneakers unless it is suited for the occasion.  But most certainly, every woman should have at least one pair of stellar black pumps in her closet for that classy night dinner or evening out with her man. Honestly, I really like patent leather pumps, but this season, suede has really been a rocker.

These blue suede pumps by Bakers are definite show stoppers!

The black studded pumps by Michael Antonio would make any woman go ‘Gaga’ this Christmas.

These Paruolo low-key open-toe pumps feature a small bow on top, and they definitely shine in their classic black and white color.

7. Accessories

The fashion world would certainly not be complete without these beautiful elements, and indeed no woman’s¬†look¬†would ever be complete without them. Whether it’s a¬†classy pearl necklace, or big hopped earrings, accessories always top off the look of any woman.

8. Fragrance

The last gift item that would probably be on the fab woman’s list, is an amazing fragrance! They are many perfumes, one from almost every designer but to get the right one, you just have to know her well.


Well, the mens turn will surely come soon, but you can definitely guarantee that her on La Mode Dimitri, you can always Get Overdosed on Fashion! Go and start shopping and make sure you have fun doing it! ūüėČ



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