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La Mode Street Style

Wow..It has been 10 post since the last street style and I am really excited about this one. This is our first holiday edition and you are gonna be seeing some snow, some layered fashion and some of the best in luxury fashion. I got a big street style for you today so scroll slow and take it all in.

As you realize,  its a bit cold on the blog so we have been having some snowy days! In a few days, the graphics are going to be changing and you are going to see some Christmas lights and beautiful decorations! But for now lets hit the streets for some La Mode!

My new friend Andy Suryandi who is an amazing photographer…Definitely rocking that military jacket, plaid and the Louis V Belt. Perfect combination, just perfect!

And the snow begins! This layered look is hot!

Simply classic!

My fantastic flower! This look is simply off the chain! 🙂

Headgear downed with fur…

Snow white! I am loving her combination of strips and solid colors!

Who wants to rock some dope shorts? 😉

Hot like a cup of coffee. Boots…Ripped Jeans…Leopard Print! Psychotic! I’m in love ❤

Wayfarers, Plaid and Vintage Bags!

The hot gal is rocking some long legs and studded shorts!

My fellow Barbadian fashionisto is rocking it out this holiday! Do I see Lanvin ♥ H&M 😮

Jeans and animal instincts…Definitely a strong combo! 🙂

Classic attire…

Amidst the city this belle beauty struts in a Jeans Military Jacket and Leather!

Are you fly or what??

Just two words.. Hot, Hot!

Varsity Jacket, Vintage Briefcase and…a Grey cat!

Flex that fashion muscle! Her Velvet Pumps, Knit Sweater and White Chino are really nice!

My brotha rocking that Trench!


Those boots are stunning!

Vintage tones for that winter look!


Are we done are what…No we are not! Stay tuned for more post and make sure you comment, tweet and like..

This is only the beginning | Get Overdosed on Fashion


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