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Alessandro Langer : Model Profile

Alessandro Langer, fresh face in the model world, is a 16-year-old teen who is signed to 2Morrow Model Management in Milan, Italy. Alessandro was born on December 25th 1993 in Pisa, Italy and currently lives in Lucca, Italy which is a little city 4 minutes away from Florence.  He lives with his mother, who is a neurologist; his father, who is  manager and his sister. From last year Alessandro enjoyed going to the swimming pool and the gym and has competed in competitions of both aspects. Alessandro, who lost his interest in swimming,  said that he was looking for something to do and that’s where modeling fell into his life. He said one day, he and some friends were hanging out and his friend showed him a guy who had taken some modeling shots with a photographer. His friend eventually pushed him into adding the photographer on Facebook and they eventually began contacting each other. Alessandro began adding more members of the fashion world after the photographer suggested he do so…that’s where I came in :).

He and his parents talked about it, and after some hard decisions he decided to enter “the world of fashion” as a model. He accepted to work with international scout Fahad Ali and after doing so, he was signed to 2Morrow Models Milan. He says soon he wants to work with more international agencies like Ford Models, Elite Toronto and Red Model Management.

For now, Alessandro will be modeling at Milan Fashion Week and as he makes his strides as a model, he will continue to work hard in high school. He gets high grades and particularly enjoys maths ans philosophy. In his future, he aspires to accomplish his long time dream, which is to become an actor and also to find love and be self-confident.

Alessandro and I have became great friends over the last couple of months. I am very proud of his work and I definitely wish him the best! 😉


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