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Blazers | A thing of the past?

Well to answer my rhetorical question…No, Blazer are one of the major pieces of outer-wear on the minds of Fashion savvy persons around the globe. Blazers accentuate mostly any outfit and also help in making you (those of you who may be on the bigger side) a bit smaller! 🙂 I particularly like the ones which are piped or have binding at the end, that adds a contrast in color that gives your entire look an amazing boost.

Throw on a V-Neck, then a chino or a slim jeans, some classic shoes or boots and then to top it all off a Blazer.

In girls terms, they may refer to it as a “boyfriend jacket” and it can be paired with a simple tee, jeggings, leggings or skinny jeans; a pair of solid pumps or sneakers and again the main attraction…the blazer!

Check out some looks!

Kanye with this fuchsia blazer looks indeed stunning!

This plaid blazer has a vintage inspiration and is definitely rocking her look.

Ciara wearing a military inspired blazer…Definitely working it!

Rihanna’s blazer has a crazy design which  I really like!

This Classic GQ look that Tyson is pulling off has the blazer look stunning! Pay attention to the satin binding at the ends, which makes it look effortlessly stunning!

Pharrell wears the perfect combo with this awesome blazer, which has cream binding!

Jennifer Aniston definitely look fabulous in her blazer!


More vintage for the soul…Any blazer combined with a scarf is an amazing look! Google it (lol)

Yannick pulls off any look!

I hope you guys saw my look with scarf and blazer a while back…If you didn’t…You missed it! Bleh (lol) 🙂



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