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La Mode Street Style

First time that I’m doing a double street style post…but more looks are coming in, so let’s get them to you!

The best Fall outfit yet! Fur, Jeans and pumps….Definitely a stunner!

I remember when I did an all girls post well I kinda owe it to the guys so from here on it’s all guy style!

I love his swagga…today I said to myself, Wow! my page is really full with lots of Caucasian people, please don’t get me wrong because I love white people!! But I was just saying that  I should probably balance it a bit more since there are some racist and closed-minded people out there who would probably dislike this piece of art because it’s portrayed by Caucasians…..I LOVE EVERYBODY!!

He probably looks familiar, well that’s because he is model Donald Carmichael, who has over time become a favorite of mine….I really love this look which was styled by Katie Mack!!

Suspenders are in guys…Thats my next look haha 🙂 I hope I get the courage to pull it off!

Plaids are in and boots are in…So Fall!!!


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  1. Tiffy J Watkins

    Barrio your site is very informative. Its great to know about the trends up and new coming styles no matter the season I like that you are putting out for us to see. I honestly would like to see more women doesn’t matter if they are celebs are striving models. I’ll keep checking in never know what’s up your sleeve….signed Tiffy J Watkins.

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